ASHI now counting unpaid inspections

I heard that ashi is now accepting inspections that are unpaid and done “parallel” with a full member.

Anyone have a copy of the May ashi reporter? The article is supposed to be there.

This makes NACHI even better…

As I read the document at that link I can’t help but wonder how HI’s that belong to both NACHI and ASHI can post both organizations on their websites as the SOP they abide by when they are different…Oh well I for one get lots of internet traffic from both the NACHI website and my own website…and I only belong to NACHI and abide by the SOP of said organization.
As the quote says.
Planet NACHI Resistance is Futile:shock:

I see no problem with one having there own SOP it could be better

Remember yours can be for your market – BTW has anyone ever ask you for your sop and if so have you ever had to document that you have followed it??


I carry it with me in a binder and tell all my clients:

“This is the industry standards of practice. It is a bare minumum of what I should do for you today - we will do much more. For example: I am about to go up on the roof, and then we will test EVERY door window and outlet.”

10-4 joe

BTW They count unpayed than we do too


NACHI has always counted Mentored / Supervised Inspections (Paid and/or Unpaid) as Full Inspections.

ASHI seems to be emulating the business practices of NACHI.

A Change in Business practice does not make one better or inferior to the other.

If the Goal is improvement, the Client will always benefit.

That is where the commonality should lie…

I keep a binder with all the info including SOP and copies of other documents for the client to see …never been asked yet but then again I’m getting a lot of out of town business and they usually see what the need on the website

I did not know nachi counted unpaid supervised parallel inspections…

At a quick read I did not see what the ashi SOP change link/file had to do with my post.
please point out the specifics

Worth repeating. . .

Joe, agreed,

so many members have benefited from the mentoring of NACHI inspectors it is not even funny. I know some of the many that you have personaly taken the time to help.

Many thanks


I think this is great. I’ve never seen any reason for an inspector to actually have to have really done an inspection. I’m just hoping that all the powers to be will take the next step and go to parallel testing. Thats where a potential inspector can either watch a veteran inspector take a test OR better simply touch the hand that held the mouse or pencil the veteran inspector took the test with. And the next logical step is parallel payment-thats where a vet inspector rides with a rooky and watches him inspect and then gets paid for keeping him company and telling jokes, etc.

Bless ASHI for seeing what this profession is all about finally.

I still fail to see how the client benefits from hiring an inspector that they think has done 250 paid inspections when in fact they tagged along on someone elses job.

Part of learning this job is having to figure things out for your self and not having someone at your side.

I Fail to see how you believe the Client benefits from someone masquerading as a Home Inspector if they have not done an Inspection before?

The client only benefits from hiring a good inspector that is honest in the number of actual inspections they have performed. The actual number that makes an inspector good depends on the individual and their abilities.

I still do not see the relevance of the 2nd post in this thread.