ASHI on Holmes

Thanks Linus ,You have voiced your opinion many times over the years .

And would you agree this may be a big reason why many American inspectors think Mike Holmes is missing something on his shows?

I’ll lay it out to you straight Bobby. And don’t take this wrong. Your a great inspector and we’ve been friends for a while now. I don’t change my position. My position always has been that NACHI is the great org in the US when it comes to brotherhood and education. When it comes to branding they use to suck plain and simple. Nick however is taking a different approach now and starting to move more towards branding his company image. Once this happens then yes you won’t need to join any other org but until it happens 100% I for one will not lay all my marketing eggs in one basket. And that’s a big reason why I AM one of or possibly the fastest growing inspector in my area and I haven’t even started marketing to brokers, lenders, lawyers, and others yet. Having a certification through Mike Holmes would simply be a another marketing egg just like have a master certification through NACHI which I’m well on my way to getting. See where I’m going with Mike Holmes now?

The most likely explanation regarding home inspectors who are seeking to boost their income with Mike’s logo is… They have probably run low on the money they used to funnel into Realtor’s pay-to-play promotions and are simply seeking a cheaper marketing plan. :wink:

Well he’s no Norm Abram that’s for sure. And why would he (Mike) say he loves older buildings they’re built better?

Robert, If Norm created a hands on training program and once he’s satisfied with your talent he released a certification logo I would be there in a minute. Definitely agree that is one man with many talents.

Right on. If they can’t afford Mike the moron…their next cheaper alternative is SpongeBob SquarePants.

Well instead of complaining. I wrote to HGTV. Why not get a US based inspector to do things. It can show the technology out there, the "somewhat hidden defects such as mold, Radon, termites and other items people don’t know about or their Realtor talked them out of it saying…Radon isn’t really in this area the test is a waste of money.

It is worth a shot and better than doing nothing. I think we could bring in different inspectors from around the country or go to their areas and talk about regional specific items and promote NACHI…see what happens.

Nice Job

Ya, it is worth a shot, Russell. I bet Nick will back you big on something like this.

I know I would if I was Nick. Makes perfect financial sense for him.

Who is this guy?
Is he important to me in some way.?
You guys can use my name if you want approval from a guy you do not know and it makes you feel better.

Maybe I am missing out on some great mentor here.
Am I behind in education because I do not see him? You guys seem to have a Man Crush.
From the pictures he looks like an old time wrestler. Bruiser and the Crusher from Milwaukee in the sixties…

Weren’t they TV stars also?? Couldn’t really wrestle but made it to TV!!

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We need More like Brian who tell it like it is ,
He also has the knowledge to go with his post,s

Did you really make that post to my “Public Profile” or did someone like Linus steal your identity for a while and you didn’t know it??

Fickle! Fickle!! Fickle!!!

The Brighton Stalker does exist!! …and all the time I thought Bill M.
was telling fibs and believed Roy, not Bill…Such is life!

No Brian only believes in Brian .
He is the only one in step .


Mike Holmes is an Entertainer. Whether he knows what he’s doing or not when he performs as a home inspector is irrelevant because he has millions of viewers that believes he does. If ASHI or NACHI could get a plug it would be a huge endorsement.

On the other hand, if he bashes the industry as a whole is could hurt us all.

Mike Holmes is a phony.

We called him out a couple of years ago when he was knocking down walls with sledge hammers and bad mouthing home inspectors for not finding framing issues hidden behind drywall. We tried to arrange a televised challenge…Holmes, with nothing but a clipboard and flashlight - head to head with a Canadian pro (Claude or Bill or one of the heavyweights). Let our pro inspect and then let him inspect…and compare reports.

Holmes’ producer wrote me with a bunch of lame excuses, which I published. The producer contacted Nick and had him ask me to remove the producer’s lame excuses from the message board.

Having Mike Holmes inspect your home is like having Tim Allen build an addition to your home. They are television actors, folks.

Don’t think so Jim…

Mike Holmes learned his craft from his father, who started teaching him construction work (i.e. electrical, plumbing) when he was 6 years old. By the time he was 19, Holmes had started his first contracting company, with a crew of 13 employees. At 21, Holmes founded his own renovation company. He has run two companies during his 20-year contracting career. His three children, Amanda, Sherry and Mike Jr, have all worked on his shows.

In 2006 Holmes started The Holmes Foundation after seeing a renovation that was so poorly done that he felt it was necessary for him to tear the house down and start again rather than try to repair the damage. The purpose of The Holmes Foundation is to encourage young people to enter the building trades as well as to assist those who have been impoverished by bad renovations. Mike is well known for his contribution to the international community through his work with SOS Children’s Villages.

In 2006 Mike Holmes was recognized in Canada’s House of Commons for his promotion of skilled trades and for his advocacy for improved building standards. He was acknowledged as an “extraordinary craftsperson” and “an accomplished master builder with a social conscience”.[1]

Holmes is the author of two successful books: the national bestseller Make it Right–Inside Home Renovation with Canada’s Most Trusted Contractor and Holmes Inspection—Everything you Need to Know Before You Buy or Sell Your Home, as well as a weekly newspaper column carried in the public.
He is the national spokesperson for Skills Canada and for World Skills 2009 and is often invited to speak by professional organizations, such as the Canadian Safety Association of Ontario, the Ontario Building Inspectors Association and the Canadian Association of Home Inspectors.

He is developing Wind Walk, the first Holmes Community, in Southwest Alberta. This unique community of eco-friendly and sustainable homes will set a new standard for residential construction and design.

In May 2010, Reader’s Digest’s second annual survey named Mike Holmes as the second most widely trusted person in Canada.