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You appear star-struck. He is a contractor and actor. Just like the majority of new construction we see nowadays, the contractor is rarely, if ever, on site 100% of the time. The builds are done with sub contractors from all sorts of trades. Holmes may be a good contractor but I can guarantee you he hasn’t built a home 100% by himself. It just doesn’t happen. You have bought into the publicity that his agent and production company have spread across the internet in order to get great ratings and keep people watching.

Just because you are a General Contractor does not make you a good inspector. Some GC’s on this board didn’t know what a TPR valve was. And that is basic home inspection. Remember, it is General Contractors that keep us in business with their bad habits and quest for the almighty dollar.

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On another HI forum, someone mentioned that he wants his US HI’s to be ASHI certified and in Canada, a National Certificate Holder (NCH). I hold the NCH designation.

Billy, I have every confidence, inexperienced as you are, that you could out-inspect Mike Holmes on a head to head challenge.

I hope you take that as a compliment.

Sounds like a TV show in the making to me. Mr. Holmes uses his employees to the max. Does he actually do the work?

OK, since he is SOOO successful, why would he do this HOME INSPECTION diversion? His requirements to become a member of his team are OK, but not too stellar. Let me just ask you this…if you were this guy, would you put your name on home inspections several hundered other people are doing? I know I wouldn’t. This will be the fall of his little empire and his name…Watch and see…Homes Inspections get sued…**hell lets have one of our canadian members hire one of his INSPECTORS to do a job and then go behind him and SMASH his report…**I bet he has one solid contract…

" This will be the fall of his little empire and his name…Watch and see…Holmes Inspections get sued…"

Again some scuttlebutt concerning this came my way. If the better inspectors don’t need or don’t want his endorsement by being a member of the Holmes team, who does that leave…poorer inspectors that are striving to make a living. He may have created a monster due to his personal greed and thinking that he knows this profession…looks good on him!

I am sure on paper it looks good…it took him 20+ years to build his name and reputation and it will only take on idiot a couple of hours to ruin it all…Think of the standard he has to go by! If he shows all that stuff on TV, when you hire him, wouldn’t the ordinary citizen assume they were to obtain an inspection comparable to the one on his TV show…TV is the shovel and he is digging his grave…

I like to think we are above this type of effort .
Even in joking this is in an open section where every one can read .
I want no part of these ideas … Roy Cooke

Any inspectors that I have seen working for Mr. Homes are RHIs from OAHI.
The OAHI RHI has been the standard of inspections for years in Ontario.

To let a none registered none NACHI member who ridicules NACHI every chance he gets influence our future is not a good idea .
Brian is smooth and could be adding to his want of destroying NACHI.
In my opinion he should not be trusted.

hey Bill did you see the Holmes inspection show,if so what did he inspect, beside the water spot exterior conduit line

I agree and that is my point EXACTLY…there is a STANDARD in which to do things and he goes way above and beyond and then smashes inspectors for not finding something that is hidden.

So his show should be used as a marketing tool, because that is what it is. How can we see crap wiring within a wall? Yet he will explain that the chipped paint on the wall should have lead you to come to a deduction that the wall should be ripped out for further evaluation to uncover the problem ( I am exaggerating) but you get the point. This guy sets an perception of a “standard” that they are NOT going to get in a Home Inspection. He is erroneously and fictitiously endangering the public giving them a false sense of security and an unreal perception at what a home inspection is.

People will ASSUME it is what he shows on TV and they will be duped. Your acceptance of this is condoning the action. Good luck, I am glad he is not in the states, his lack of educating the public what a “HOME INSPECTION” really is going to get someone hurt and very misleading…He is suppose to be way beyond this.

Yes I did. He didn’t inspect much of anything on that show. Was disappointed. I’m watching one now though without destruction you can clearly see structural damage to the home and the owners state the home inspector they hired said it was cosmetic and they can simply patch it up. It’s right in his report. Mike came in pointed several issues which needed further destructive investigation. He’s opening up walls right now. Turn the tube to HGTV.

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Also, Holmes is developing Wind Walk, the first Holmes Community, which is an eco-friendly sustainable community being constructed in Alberta. This project is intended to be innovative and is LEED Platinum. …

Only one problem The town of Okotoks does not want his development because t****hey do not have enough water for this project. As usually he charges in without any forethought or research.

The buyers only paid $320 for a home inspection on a 1/2 million dollar home. They get what they paid for. Of course nobody streeses that in the T.V. show, instead our industry takes a hit.

One example of unsafe construction that would not meet the International Residential Code requirements was shown on a recent deck construction episode. The guardrail for the stairs (more than four risers) from lower level deck to grade had 4x4’s used for top rails and did not have any intermediate pickets to prevent a child from falling through the large openings in the guardrails.

For areas that use the IRC, a grippable handrail is required, which a 4x4 does not comply. There should not be any openings large enough to permit passage of a 4 inch sphere in the guardrails.

While the finished decks looked great, someone should be checking life safety details such as these. I didn’t see any disclaimer that informs viewers that their local codes may be quite different from those in Canada.

With an incredible EGO and the “Greatest Show On Earth…MYSELF”, who is going to blow up his image more than Little Mikey. Believe only part of what you read. From the INTRO to the “Make It Right”…about his father:

“He was a true jack-of-all-trades. He had trained as a plumber, then worked at General Motors for his whole adult life, eventually becoming a second class engineer.”

Where does the father get all the construction industry knowledge to impart to Mike if he was a GM employee in a vehicle assembly plant??? Something seems amiss here…Mikey spinning a good story?? Be interesting to hear a conversation between Nick and Mike…two master spin doctors capable of working for the highest level politicians!!

He did not start his first contracting company at 19.

In 2006, he claims you can build and 8’x 10’ deck for $400.00…no wonder he’s on TV; he wasn’t making enough $$$ as a contractor!

GTG…be back later!

Think I saw that episode also. It was a two storey stacked decks rebuild after a collapse. I noted the same and also:

The decks were supported by 6"x6" posts which are usually required for 2 storey decks. The main story deck is 5-6 feet off the ground. Rather than support the front rim joist for the main storey deck by metal hangers or properly bolted to the 6x6, he cuts a 2x6 or 2x8 mortise horizontally into the post to set the rim joist into, thus reducing its cross-section by 1/3…

Where were the code people on this project?? Is it leave Mikey alone, he’s a star and powerful…or does he not get the proper code permits and inspections. This program should be investigated!!

Mike Holmes couldnt hold a candle to ant competent inspector, whether from OAHI, NACHI, or ASHI. I challenge him to perform an inspection on a house of my choosing, without the benefit of his team of experts in tow or of seeing the dwelling prior to five minutes before the start of the inspection. He gets a notebook and pencil, flashlight, screwdrivers, inspection mirror, probe, infrared thermometer, stud sensor.

That’s it.

He must follow any recognized industry SOP.

Come on, Mikey… let’s do this.

As to Billy B, I cant quite figure you out. You cant even figure out our COE, you are a newbie to this industry, and you pontifficate on the inspection prowess of Mr. Holmes.