ASHI Rents their members list..Hummm!

I was just looking around over at ASHI and seen this add…
ASHI Membership List Rental
Want to reach out to ASHI members via direct mail? Then rent our Membership list.

Minimum Order: 1,000 names

What do you know, there is money in selling client personal information. Who woulda thought?

Yep! Lets see where this goes next.

Man, I would be pissed off if Nachi did that!

NACHI has been selling one for years.

Where do you find it ?

I don’t know where you would find it. It was offered to vendors several years ago. It was an excel file on a disc.

That has something to say about selling client info…doesn’t it ?

I’m willing to bet they still do.

I wouldn’t doubt it at all, just look at who’s in the captain seat.


Well you know thre are a few here that have blinders on…:shock:


It was called EveryInspector. Unfortunately, many of the names and e-mails were less than accurate at one time or another.

But, the list was available. Don’t remember the details of the program, however.

I’m mad as hell and i’m not going to take it anymore!!!

The MICB maintains has a huge one but we don’t include InterNACHI member addresses. We have never sold any private InterNACHI member info.

Looks like it has disappeared .

Error 404 - Page not found!

The page you trying to reach does not exist, or has been moved. Please use the menus or the search box to find what you are looking for.

My guess is they got an advanced copy of “The Hungry Home Inspection Association” book. :wink:

If any vendor wants the entire, current ASHI list, email me at and I’ll give it to you for free. My IT Department can obtain it legally without hacking.

Do you give it away?

Why not?

You are promoting that a home inspector should sell his client’s private information to vendors to get their clients “great deals” and are promoting as to how it is “wrong” for an inspector to deny such special deals to his client by not selling/providing that information to vendors.

Why would you feel it to be right for you to deny the same tremendous benefit to members?

That’s sad. I wonder if Phil is the sucker or suckee???