ASHI Revises Code of Ethics

ASHI has recently revised its code of ethics.

Today, their code of ethics now specifically states that an inspector must be truthful in his reports…he cannot soften a report for the seller, or toughen it up for the buyer.

They added this…just hours ago.:shock:

What does this have to say with all of the inspections performed by ASHI inspectors up to today?

I am really stunned by this very late admission of what many of us have known for a long time. I’m glad to see them change their code, but who the heck will enforce it when so many of them…as a result of their own self funded “branding” efforts…belong to the real estate salesman?

Good point. Perhaps they are creating cover for past comments that
have painted them as too soft and too close to the realtor.

And if you think this doesn’t happen in the iNACHI membership, give me some of what your smokin’. :wink:

The point is, it has ALWAYS been a violation of NACHI’s code to help sell a house by softening a report.

This is a very recent (like, moments ago) revision to the ASHI code.

The question is, how many years from now will they actually begin to enforce it? They have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in their “branding” campaign selling themselves (and their souls) to used house salesmen. Do they suddenly stop, now?

Ya, looks like they did away with some of the language similar to NAR’s and it is more like NACHI’s COE.
First NAHI changed their COE now ASHI. It will be interesting to see how it is enforced.

No, I have never seen an old dog leave its master.

How is ASHI going to pull of voilating their COE when they support Realtor backed home inspection legislation? The first sentence of their code reads:
Inspectors shall avoid conflicts of interest or activities that compromise, or appear to compromise, professional independence, objectivity, or inspection integrity.

I know this is just hopeful thinking, but, I wish Ashi, Nahi, and Nachi would add a rule in the COE that prohibits any inspector, regardless of affiliation, from speaking badly or harming another inspector’s reputation or business. I know, I’m just being Silly! But can you imagine how far forward we could all go, if we did not expend so much energy, tearing each other down. Nevermind, I will wish for something that stands a much better chance of coming true, like maybe a bird will fly in my window with a trillion dollar check for me. :frowning:

If you worry about what the other guys are saying about you, you won’t be in business long. If you ignore them, prove them wrong and be professional you’ll be the one to succeed. Don’t spend your precious time fighting with the competition. It worked for me, hasn’t it Ken! :wink:

I don’t know what you mean by that statement, unless you’re taking credit for all of false bookings and job offers of late from other Nachi members. You warned me in that PM, congratulations, you must be proud!

Does this mean they can no longer accept *direct *REA referrals? This is what INachi, ASHI and all of the other orgs. need in their C.O.E. That would truly eliminate ALL ‘conflicts of interest’. This would force the buyers to shop around and hire their own inspector. Which in return would help us increase the fees for our service, since we would be in charge, not the agents.

At least ASHI is trying to do the right thing and they already correctly prohibit bribing of agents with preferred vendor schemes and correctly prohibit their members from working to correct defects they find on their own inspections.

Before you say “Of course! What association would defend such unethical practices as those?” Read:,__methinks.pdf

I don’t know what you mean about false bookings and job offers. I’ve been plenty busy so there’s no need to post about false bookings.

If you’d like I can post that PM “I” sent you on Jan. 25, just as a refresher. You must have me confused with one of your other “haters”.

Have a blessed day! :slight_smile:

BTW, I am proud, extremely proud. :wink:

More then likely this particular clause could be used against home inspectors who refuse to support state licensing legislation. :wink:

They probably won’t enforce it in the first place. Sounds like another hollow selling point their propaganda machine will highlight.:twisted: :roll:

And just days after announcing a change in their COE that most would consider to be “over obvious”… today they announced the " over, over, obvious" and added a new clause which prohibits inspectors from making themselves a sandwich out of the seller’s refrigerator during an inspection. A new committee has been formed to consider " over, over, over obvious" proposals for more changes to their COE. :wink:

At least they left an opening to make one after the inspection. :slight_smile: :eek:


Last October I was at a carpet company and the owner was chewing out his carpet installers for…
Apparently during a carpet installation the Lady of the house had to run some errands and left a fully cooked Turkey on the counter…

  1. “The Crew” finding a fully cooked Turkey on the counter decide to help themselves.

  2. The took a new loaf of bread and made themselves “Turkey Sandwiches” eating more than half of the Turkey.

  3. They ate an entire loaf of bread.

  4. They ate an entire “Large” bag of chips.

  5. They drank to large “2-liter” bottles of Pepsi.

  6. The ate an entire large bag of M & M’s.

When the lady of the house got home and walked into the kitchen she dropped her bags of groceries on the kitchen floor and ran outside!

She drove off and called her husband at work and when he got home the carpet installers had already left.

Now get this… The :|.)installers:|.) were MAD because… the client was charging them for;

  1. A loaf of bread.
  2. A large bag of chips.
  3. Two 2-liters of Pepsi
  4. A large bag of M & M’s!

If it were my house I would have filed charges against them! The charge? Felony Ignorance! :twisted:

Ignorance for sure, they should have only ate the turkey. Then they could have blamed it on the dog. :mrgreen:

From what I heard the dirty plates strewn all over the place,dirty silverware, the cut lettuce, tomatoes, and empty pickle jar left on the counter would have been hard to “blame on the dog”.

Not to many dogs use knifes, & forks! :roll: