ASHI Screws its Missouri Members to Prepare to Support Next Licensing Bill

That sounds like ASHI leadership. And they wonder why they are loosing members so fast.
I have always felt most members of ASHI did not have enough balls to stand up to their leaders. Sorry to see Jeff was unhandedly replaced by a pawn of ASHI leadership. I meet Jeff at the Missouri Builders Industry Alliance meeting. He seems to be a man of great character. I will be the first one to welcome him here if he ever decides to join.

Sounds like the scullduggery OAHI an affiliate of ASHI uses in Ontario to do its dirty deeds. Everything from breaches of the by-laws to irregularities in the financial reporting, membership levels, et ceteras.

I hope the fake coalitions are outed and defeated where ever they may roost or infest!

Good luck.

Keep in mind that this is the local ASHI chapter and not National ASHI. National ASHI does not get involved in local battles, just like National InterNACHI does not get involved in local battles.

If it was me and I did not like this I would get other home inspectors with like opinions to fight and place our own legislation in the mix. If you don’t, you will end up like Florida and getting what others want you to have.

Yea right. If you think for one minute the local chapter is not influenced by the national you must have been born yesterday!

Are you saying that ASHI has no control over their members, like the leaders of Missouri Association of Realtors claimed several times already that they have no control over what their members do? ASHI members gone wild!!!

Out the bastards!

Things happen.

oh no! mr. spock has been beheaded! or is that JB?