ASHI's letter to our attorney.

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Dear Mr. Ferry -

Thank you for your submission for ASHI Continuing Education Approval. As our records indicate that you are in fact affiliated as a legal provider for the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, we cannot - for obvious reasons - approve your request. I realize that this conflict of interest was ignored in the past by our former Director of Education, however, we are now being more aware/stringent with our acceptance of submissions.


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Yep. Sounds like just a small minor mistake to me. Glad to know that Scott Patterson has this cleared up for us.

Brion Grant, ASHI’s 2008 President emailed me today. We then spoke on the phone. He assured me that Angela acted alone, is mistaken, and that a formal letter that we can use to point to, to explain that courses like Joe’s are accepted by ASHI for CE purposes to the benefit of their own members and their member’s clients.

Brion is a class act 100% all the way IMHO (not like me, roughly 65% class :wink: ) and I believe him.

I hope to receive the letter soon and will be very proud to post it here.


I don’t know Brion but I hear he’s a straight shooter.

You have a paid staff, Nick.

Do you really…in your heart of hearts…believe that this girl “took it upon herself” without at least having reason to believe that she had the agreement and support of those above her for the words she wrote to Joe Ferry when returning his application?

I’ll bet you a Diet Coke that she is being made the scapegoat while others have decided to change direction and allow these CEUs.

I don’t know because I don’t know her or most others at ASHI HQ. I did meet Brion in Philadelphia when we fought side by side against the little for-profit association out of Minneapolis and their attempt to secretly get ASTM to rewrite our respective SOPs, and I spoke with him today on the phone. I find him to be very honorable like his predecessor Frank Lesh. I am often critical of ASHI and their recent changing our long standing approval reciprocity really stinks. But I give them credit where credit is due and they’re 2 for 2 in choosing very fine current and immediate past presidents IMHO.

I’ll be rushing to open the mail next week with my fingers crossed.

Whether a legitimate mistake or a change of heart…the end result is certainly acceptable.

Upon receipt of your letter, will you be recommending to Joe F. that he reconsider his course review plan?

Well, assuming the letter says what Brion and I think it will say… yes.

I am glad that our battles in New Hampshire and our challenging the ASHI “One Way street” has lead to this outcome.

Without us bringing our struggle for RECIPROCITY out in the open things would have continued “As is” with ASHI calling all of the shots with regards to them not approving our CEU’s.

I am glad that you went to the wall with this issue and threatened to force members to make a choice.

I can garen-damn-tee-u that after Scott Patterson stuck his nose in it that ASHI HQ sat up and took notice.

Anyway … If I see any more “chinks in the armor” I will bring them to your attention.

I don’t see any problem with kicking all of them out now. ASHI prohibits real estate professionals from joining ASHI. ASHI kicked me out ASHI in the early 1990’s for being a member of NAR… (talk about unchaining a monster). [/qoute]

Have your vindictive feelings gone into remission for the time being?


I again ask our COE Committee to prohibit our members from financially supporting a known no-entrance-requirement diploma mill and make all duel members choose which association they want to belong to. I promise, more than 9 out of 10 will stay with InterNACHI and dump the no-member-benefits mini-association. [/qoute]

Should I feel conflicted and guilty as a dual member and get ready to pack my bags the next time you get a wild hair where the sun don’t shine?


Don’t go there Nick. I joined ASHI because their branding campaign has reached so far and wide here that in order for me to get business from many of the offices, I need to be an ASHI member. I have fought the fight, and won some battles, but when it comes down to putting inspections on my schedule I do what I need to. If I choose to be a “dual member”, that’s MY CHOICE! I enjoy my membership in iNACHI, because so much is provided here. But iNACHI does not put money in my bank account just because I’m a member. I put money in your bank account. The iNACHI presence here has been non-existant, and there has been no LOCAL support or coordinated effort. So don’t make me choose between taking care of my families needs and membership in this organization. I hope you know where my priorities are between the two, and understand why I made the BUSINESS DECISION that I made. If not oh well.

John Richards


You know who’s in my backyard Nick, and he has been promoting ASHI to the hilt even when he was a Certified Master Inspector. I’ve also seen you complain about him, and yet his products and services are still advertised within this website.

Keep doing all of the fantastic things that you have done for the members of this association. I truly appreciate the benefits and education available. I’m just sick of all the BS.

John Richards



Scott did indeed try to help us. I think this is, quite frankly, beyond him. He has told me he doesnt support this posture, and I personally do not know what ASHI’s problem is.

To date, Angela Orlando has yet to directly respond to me. She deferred it to the currend Education Commitee Chairman, who sent me an e-mail is 180 degrees opposite Angela’s correspondence to Joe Ferry.

Believe it or not I am a member of the NAR and MAR. I never paid any dues to them. I never signed up. I am an affiliate member of the local board of realtors. I just needed a lock box key. Every year a get a bill for dues from the local board. I cross out the NAR and MAR and just pay the local dues. I even have a NAR ID number that I can access their website with the members only section of their website. Not much there. Their members are definely getting screwed for the money they pay. If I am a member of NAR I bet there are ASHI inspectors that are on their roles too. I think they make us a member for they can make their group look bigger when they lobby for bills that screws over the consumer.

I was quoting a rant that Nick had made on a previous post.

I think it was actually YOUR “rant” in response to Nick’s clearly stated position, Mr. Richards.

John, to reply to your

Note: that I quoted you “in context” from a post you actually made in this conversation and didn’t sneak partial comments in from a different thread.

Let me ask a question of you since you are an ASHI member. Since all the B.S. I had to go through appears to have succeeded in getting YOU, YOUR CE approval from ASHI for courses you take from InterNACHI… will you now turn them down? Or will you tell ASHI, “no thanks, I don’t want your approval” The hair I got up my… was because YOU were being harmed.

Anyway, you’ve convinced me that I should do something in Jacksonville, thanks. I’ll give them till the end of next week to get the letter out and then that “hair in my …” as you put it will cause me to drop the first nuke on Jacksonville. I’m email blasting the “Dear agent… Look for this no-entrance-requirement logo when choosing a home inspector and avoid it if you don’t want to be sued for negligent referral” article to all the agents in Jacksonville on next Monday. Try to get in as much inspection work as you can by then. Duel members like you in Jacksonville should either dig a bunker, delete your other logo, or call your other association and tell them hurry up. Like you said, it’s your business decision. The “kick out all duel members” idea was a little grenade and merciful compared to our other weapons of mass destruction which help InterNACHI-only members win. I could have just as easily armed this warhead with nukes, and probably should have. Anyway, I’m climbing into the Enola Gay as we speak.

The problem I had was that you were taking out your frustrations on YOUR members, for something that we had nothing to do with.

My intentions were to stir up the hornets nest. Mission accomplished. Bombs away in Jacksonville Nick! Our NACHI chapter here has been inactive, (more like non-existant)! I have only seen one class locally, but it was a class that I had already taken, and it was at another associations shin dig. There have been no meetings here in the past couple years. Now the NE FLNACHI chapter is trying to get off the ground, but with little interest or support. Robert Bracewell, On The Level Home Inspections, is the President of the NE FLNACHI chapter, and is trying to have a meeting this coming Friday. I don’t care if it’s FLNACHI or iNACHI, we need a strong presence, support and a unified front in the Jacksonville area.

No hard feelings,
John Richards

Who cares what RE agents think?
You are now marketing nachi members to RE agents? I thought that was only done by ashi.:roll: :roll:
I wonder how the legistlators in states that are looking at HI regulation, look at wanna be inspectors, that auctually believe by taking your on-line quiz, and promising you to do other non-verified things, and then just pay you $s to be instantlly marketed to their residents as "certified" after seeing common posts like this.

Or your policy to gain inspectors with no verificiation of HI training or providing proof of any experience.
No law requires you to publicly announce what your InterNACHI member level is so you are simply a "Member.
"[Simply a member, :roll: :roll: that you market to the public as a “certified inspector.” by paying you $s
Also, no law recognizes experience and knowledge gained outside the performance of inspections (many inspectors were once involved in construction). Since every inspector’s experience is different there is likely no correlation between real experience and level of membership. Furthermore, since no law requires a public disclosure of an inspector’s experience (or lack of it),
InterNACHI does not require it either.**[COLOR=black] If you are only a new working member you need not alarm your clients. If you are a *full *member there is nothing preventing you from touting it

John Richards,

have your chapter president contact me. I’d be happy to travel to Jacksonville and teach a class or two. Whenever you like.

I can also teach centrally. If there is interest, I’ll go to Orlando. There just needs to be some interest.

If you want to speak directly, call me at 303-591-9919

Joe F

Here we go again, Danny Boy accusing NACHI of things that A$HI is guilty of:

  • Unverified superficial crap
  • Easy entrance tests
  • Send a check and be listed
    It must be humiliating to have been expelled from the “inferior” association. I guess its not enough that you were awarded “Full Membership” in the “superior” diploma mill …

I apologize for what was said. I wanted to make sure I got your attention.

John Richards