Ask Bill York - Wind Mit Questions

I started this as a place to post questions that people would like to hear Bill York’s answers on.

If you have an question or want Bill’s opinion on something post your question here.

My hope is that if you are going to take his course you might take one of the questions from here and ask him to help those who cannot make one of his classes.

I personally invite Bill to answer them if he ever finds this post but I believe he is a very busy man due to the demand for his course.

I will start it out.


How many wind mitigation inspections have you personally done?

Why don’t you just send him an email or call him? Or better yet take his class and ask in person

I don’t know him. I don’t want to take up any of his personal time. I figured it would be a way for people to get his opinion who cannot make the class.

He has an email - I have sent a couple of messages regarding trivial stuff. His secretary or associate normally responds in about two days. I’m sure that Bill will respond personally to any questions on wind mits. If we get stuck on an issue, we can ask him for his advice. Keep in mind that Mr. York does not have every answer to every question to every situation. However, i feel pretty confident that his guesses have a higher percentile of being correct than mine.

If you do not want to waste his time. Post your question here. Many here have taken his class more than once. I have taken his class twice, I have been through the MSFH program twice, and have personally done 5000 wind mits. I have checked another 2000, at least. I live eat and breath these. My office is always in contact with someone or another about these. If we do not have the answer, we do know where to get it.

If you do not want to post it send an email or PM to someone on the MB that seems to know and you will get an answer.


I think that between your efforts and others posting info about wind mits, that we have our own network of answering these questions — Like you stated, Mike or anyone else just needs to post here or send out a private message to any of the frequent posters and they will respond. I feel that i understand this information pretty well, but i still like to double check what others think when it comes to the vague and grey areas.