Ask duh Builder, Tim-Tim, how much money does he want for conversation or.....

a one day consult? loollollll yeeeeeeeeeeeehaw! Consultations
– 500 second consult… $39.95
–15 minute phone conversation… $49.95
–one day consult (like an estimate lol) … $4,997
–expert witness … $5,000

Eh, lets get the expert part straightened out, on THIS subject, NO… not compared to a handful of us, sorry Timbo, you lose.

Here’s the thing man, homeowner HERE (video) posted his vid on you tube, problems with Superior walls

Some people apparently, actually loololll PAY this guy for his two cents and hey, who knows, maybe on other subjects he is worth some of what he asks for.

Hmmmm, if Timmmy is worth $50 for 15 minute phone conversations or about 5,000 for one day consult then my dumb azz needs to hit the jackpot n start cashing in. Decades of never charging any homeowner/caller whether we talk for 5 minutes or 2 hours!!@#@#!@!@@!@!!!~!~!~!

Never charged for one day ‘consult’ aka, pfffttt, an estimate!

Never charged being an expert witness. I guess I’m just one old fkd up dude, and vvvvvvery pooooor! lololllllllllllllll

Let’s start now lol… ummmm,
–500 second consult = $100,000
–15 minute phone conversation = $105,000. 99 loll
–one day consult = 1,000,000
–expert witness = 1,000,002. 33

How’s that, made checks payable to Bubba-Milk, mail to, 2 Big Jugs Road in Got Milk MI, hurry this is a special offer and won’t last.

Don’t feel Lone Ranger there Bubba, you’re not the only one. :):wink:

hear you loud n clear Mr. C!