Asked to Change Report

I recently did an inspection for a friend of my brother. The house was built in the early 1970’s and had some very mature trees and shrubs very close around it. It had a new gable roof built over an old hip roof with the HVAC ducts run between the two roofs. The roof appeared to be in fairly good condition except for an improperly flashed area and a need for a roof drainage system. It had no gutters. I crawled the attic and found no evidence of water intrusion. A tree about 12-15" in diameter had been cut down that was growing within a foot of the foundation. The foundation was a crawlspace with cement block underpinning. There were a couple of very large trees growing close to the house.

In my report I noted all of the items mentioned above with pictures and the suggestion that the foundation be further evaluated because of the possibility of damage from roots. There was no redily visible damage.

My problem is this: my brother told me his friend was going to lowball his offer and wanted me to change my report to say that there was foundation damage and that it needed a new roof. I refused and stated clearly that I stood by my inspection report as-is. My integrity is not for sale. I would like to hear other opinions. What would you do?

I would not change my report.


Why in the world would you jeopardize the livelihood of your family for a home inspection? Think about it. :wink:

You did the right thing. I will not change a report for anyone. I don’t know that I would have called for evaluation on the foundation with no damage visible, but if that was your decision you should stick with it. I was not there and didn’t see what you saw. Anyway, back to your original question. Absolutely, under no circumstances do I change my report because someone wants me to. I do review my reports and if I found I have made a mistake I will issue an addendum to my report. If a customer calls and thinks I am wrong I will check into it, and occasionally, if I feel I worded something wrong, I will make a change. But, no, I would not alter a report just so your client can lowball the offer. I am sure you could get yourself into some trouble for doing this. So stick to your guns on this. You did the right thing.

I wouldn’t jeopardize a thing. As I told my brother, my integrity isn’t for sale. I was just wanting other people’s opinions. Thanks for the reply!

You are being hired to report on the condition of the home. Not to make stuff up so the buyer can stick it to the seller. Not ethical in any book. You made the right call.

Oh, Lord, don’t change your report! :smiley:

That’s called fraud, no? :frowning:

Nuff Said!

Bye the way… I would have a talk with my brother about his even having the nerve / gall to relay this message to you!:twisted:

I also agree do not change anything, I’d also go one step farther and give him his money back and tell him to find another inspector, then I’d tell your brother to loose your phone number.
Loose the both of them and walk away, your a better man and this $hit can never be explained away, its worse than luggage that you can’t toss out.
I wish you the best in this

If I may ask? What profession is your brother in?



Is changing brothers an option?

Im not sure on changing but I do know cuttings siblings loose is a possibility, As a really good friend of mine says to me, loose the toxic people in your life they are not needed.
And I agree with that, who needs it or wants it.

I think it could be that the brother was the messenger in all of this, not the person requesting the change in the report? Losing a sibling for passing along the intentions of a friend is a bit extreme. I would simply tell my brother to tell his friend to go F himself and be done with it.

No. I’ve been asked to change reports a few times. I won’t do it. It is not up for discussion.

If I accidentally pasted in a defect that wasn’t actually there. Or if I somehow made a mistake, I would change the report. But no way would I ever change a report so it could be used as ammunition.

I NEVER change a report…If a mistake is made, I make an addendum to the report. This way the original report is ALWAYS the same no matter who has a copy.

Tell him he’s lucky you don’t give him a freakin’ smack.

Na just kiddin. Well not really, but like was said by others, your brother’s friend is asking you to ruin yourself. Perhaps he doesn’t undrstand the gravity of what we do - putting your name on an official report as a proposed authority. But if he were in your position he just might want to slap someone asking him to do that. It would not be fun to find yourself in a news story or on the front page of your local newspaper, not to mention before a judge.

Stand strong brother inspector.

In this day and age, how could you know what the friend’s intention was… as your client, can you now trust him? If he would ask you to lie for him, who will he ask to lie so he can turn against you?
And maybe he’s not asking so he can lowball the offer… maybe he’s working for the local Consumer reporter for the TV news, and get you on camera, falsifying the report.
I would go a long way to help a friend, but none of my friends would ever dare to put me in that position. We respect each other too much.