Asking for a deposit - good or bad idea?

I am just starting my new inspection business and have a question. Is it common to ask for a deposit to book an inspection date? Or does that just scare off a prospective client?

If the client is going to be at the inspection, I’ll get the agreement signed in advance and collect at the inspection before giving the report. If the client in NOT going to be at the inspection I’ll get the agreement AND payment before I leave my house. Never a problem… :thinking: :+1: :smiley:


Ditto Larry.

I’ve always required full payment to confirm the appointment. I never got any pushback on the policy. Never had to chase money either.

Thanks guys - very helpful feedback.

I’ve been in business for 4 1/2 years and have never ask for a deposit. To me they are running to buy a house and if they want the report I’ll get paid. In the end I’d only be out my time and i don’t lose sleep over it,

I agree. It’s not needed. And some peoplr won’t give it either.