Had a gentlemen call for some guidence. He stated he used our site and was told after submitting 10K members would get his request via email. So far he’s hard back from no one and I for one never got his request. Does the system work? If not take it down until it does work.

Looking through the AskNACHI threads it shows all posts had been responded to at least as far back as May of last year. I didn’t look further than that.

I do believe and asknachi forum post are two different ways of asking a question. I may be wrong. I looked for the guys post on the forum and it was no where to be found.

All consumer questions made to have been replied to.

Do they get this message?

Yep just tested it.

**Thanks for your question! We have sent you a confirmation e-mail (just to make sure you can receive e-mail from us). That e-mail will contain a confirmation link. Click that link and your question will be sent to nearly 10,000 InterNACHI certified home inspectors for review. When an inspector responds we will send you an e-mail.

Tell whoever asked you to check their Junk Mail folder, it may have gone there by mistake.

Probably failed due to operator technique

We call that “cockpit error.”

I don’t get e-mails from, nor do I want them. If someone posts a question that I know an answer to, I’m happy to help, but I don’t want e-mail notifications of them.

What was his question?

Minus several thousand members or so. 10,000 is close enough I guess. :roll: