ASNT Cert for different levels

While doing some research I have noticed some new emerging providers of infrared certifications. All claim they meet the quals for ASNT requirements.

My question is do you qualify to take a course somewhere else if one has already been completed elsewhere?
For example. If I take snell’s level 1 and decide to use infraspection for my level 2, does the fact its a ASNT accepted cert enough or do these schools monopolize their own specific training courses (non-transferable)?

this certification has nothing to do with you. Only level III thermographer’s are certified to ASNT standards. The courses that you take have ASNT requirements that they must followto meet that criteria but it is not necessary for you to attend a course that transfers your credits (so to speak).

ASNT simply states what a core should consist of to meet their self-governing guidelines.

Certification for thermal imaging is generally provided by the employer. Seeing you are not employing yourself in this instance, it does not apply.

As for taking different courses, I recommend that you take the sequence of courses by the same provider unless you don’t like them! Level I through III is generally a progression from one level to another. There are similarities in levels by basically level I makes you dangerous, level II allows you to think for yourself, and level III prepares you to instruct others that work for you that are level I or II. Level III requires that you know how to write and implement thermal imaging standards for the particular application that you are engaged in.

The only requirement that you must fulfill when changing companies is if they require level I certification to take there level II certification. Whoever that may be can provide you with the requirements.

The word certification as well as ASNTstuff is used very loosely. There is not a single level III Thermographer here that is actually “certified”. This is a self regulated business and until a bunch of people really screw things up, it will remain so.

When you guys take level III, you will then be provided what all this stuff is about.

Dear Sean:

Great questions!

While I cannot speak for course content and certification policies of other organizations, I can directly speak about those of Infraspection Institute.

Since Infraspection Institute is not responsible for, nor involved with curricula and certification requirements of other organizations, we simply do not recognize certifications from other training organizations.

In order to take an Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® training course, one must be certified to the previous level. That is, Level I certification is the prerequisite for a Level II course. Level II certification is the prerequisite for a Level III course. There is no prerequisite for Level I or any of our several applications courses.

Course curricula for all Infraspection Institute training courses are listed on our website. Since 1993, curricula for our Level I, II, and III training courses have met or exceeded the training requirements in the Thermal/Infrared Method as set forth in the American Society for Nondestructive Testing document, SNT-TC-1A including the recently released 2011 edition.

Infraspection Institute Level I, II, and III training courses are designed to build upon each other in a logical, straightforward manner. Because of this, we recommend that students take their training in order and not switch between different training companies. Under certain circumstances, we do allow individuals to matriculate directly to our higher levels of training provided that they have sufficient field experience.

Rather than get mired down in claims of ASNT compliancy, I would invite you to examine any infrared training course based upon more important issues. These include, but are not limited to: course content, instructor experience, and references from trusted colleagues who have taken the subject courses.

Because Infraspection Institute does not sell infrared equipment, our courses are presented without marketing hype. Course content is applicable to all brands of equipment regardless of make, model, or age. All courses are taught by highly experienced Level III practicing thermographers. Courses are available as open enrollment classes or via our convenient Distance Learning program.

Additionally, several of our courses qualify for continuing education hours by NACHI and meet the training requirements for their Infrared Certified professional designation and logo.

I would invite you to speak with those who have taken our training courses. Several NACHI members who have participated in our training programs include Chuck Evans, Scott Gilligan, and Charley Bottger to name just a few. Each of these gentlemen have provided positive feedback on this messageboard in other threads. Should you need additional references or have other questions, you are welcome to contact me directly.

The staff at Infraspection Institute is personable like Dominick of HIP is here. You can always talk to Jim or Chris Seffrin when you call the office or they will get back to you real quick.

Ah don’t forget Perry he always shows up if food is present;-) I just can not say enough about Infraspection top notch , top shelf top quality training from trainers that work in the field

I like the comparison to Dominic. The Seffrin’s know thermography like Dominic knows SEO.

The folks at Infraspection have an incredible amount of real-world thermography experience and are more than willing to share it both inside and outside of the classroom.

I completed my Level-I training at ITC, back in 2007. It was a very good course, but I can’t tell you who my instructor was and I never spoke with him after the last day of class. Jim accepted me into their Level-II program based on my experience (I promised to try not to hold up the class). After completing my Level-II and III with Infraspection, I not only know who my instructor is, but Jim and I talk on a pretty regular basis. He is always there when I have questions or need an opinion.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming conference in New Orleans

So am I Chuck…one of the best IR Conferences in the world…!

Jim, Perry, everyone at Infraspection, make you feel like your family.

The IR/INFO Conference in New Orleans will be great with some of the most knowledgeable Thermographers in the world attending, as we all know being at past Conferences.

Probably leave New Orleans weighing a few extra pounds, at the waistline and weight of knowledge consumed…!

It sure will be nice seeing the “Dirty Dozen” again too—:smiley:


You going to IR/INFO New Orleans?

I certainly hope so…!

You should definitely take advantage of the Level 1 voucher for attending the conference, especially since your within driving range. I can’t imagine you finding a better deal. I learned nearly as much at the conference as I did taking the level 1 so it’s kinda a win win.

I’m gonna fly back to my folks place in Meridian, Mississippi so you could even pick me up on your way down an let me pay for your fuel expenses. Now that’s a win win win:mrgreen:

Took Level l with ITC / Flir. Planning on Level ll with Snell.