Asphalt Shingle Bleedout - thoughts?

A couple pics from an inspection today. 14 year old architectural asphalt shingle roof. The “bleed out” condition shown is occurring primarily on south and east facing planes. Is this a symptom of delamination or ?

no pics…

I hit the publish button a bit too soon. They should be there now.

Laminated shingles tarry bleed out.

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Thanks Larry!
Is there any way to confirm the manufacturer of the shingles - for recall/warranty purposes? The link you posted refer to Certainteed Grand Manor. Interestingly, your inspectapedia link was posted in 2014 and they claim they were 10 year old shingles - which puts them in the same time frame as this install.

If there are some spares in the garage attic sometimes you get lucky and have the package with the manufacturer on it with them and I’ve seen the name on the back of some shingles. Maybe the builder is still around and can be contacted. They tend to remember the name of problem products and your client or seller could check with the manufacturer.

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Insure you have sufficient roof ventilation before you get too deep into it or they will just void the warranty.

Seeing you noted orientation issues on south and east only, this comes to mind.

Sure looks like explained here to me.