Asphalt shingle siding around window

Does anyone have a graphic for asphalt shingle siding around a window?

What exactly are you looking for? What is the issue? Details!

Do you mean of a mansard roof?

extreme steep slope & vertical asphalt shingle installation
require 6 fasteners minimum and tabs should be secured with a quarter sized dab of roofing cement at each tab corner


You need to be more descriptive Juan.
Dormer. If so, What type.
Shingles are flashed at angle changes in a roof/wall deck.
Step and counter flashing at the interchange.
The siding is 1" above the adjoining roof plain.

The window style will also predict the flashing detail and trim detail at the window opening.
Drip cap is normally the same.

Look and addresses each element. Window - Shingle - Siding and plains.


All the best.

Juan…Google “Insulbrick.” I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, though??