Aspiring home inspector

Didn’t mean to upset you.

Thanks Susan , I’m signing up today like I said before not looking to become the next Bill Gated or Jeff bethos of Amazon. I just like working solo and being in control of my own destiny. Once I complete the ICA courses and get my cert I’m going to jump head first into it. You don’t win unless you gamble I’ve already done this before just a different industry.

Its cool man I get the motivation your trying to express a part of me likes that. I also hav challengs that make it hard to just make it happen like limited budget.

I’m also damn good at sales and business development. That is really my strong suite in all of my skills . The inspection part is just a cash flow and job security. Any business should be a stepping stone into something greater.

Kenton Shepard what an azz. You should let him under your roof, teach him to be your man. Haha. Lol.

What the hell is the matter with you?

Hi, Susan. In relation to Maryland, be sure to visit InterNACHI is state-approved to provide the free, online CE courses to help you renew your license. And InterNACHI School ( is the only home inspector college accredited by the US Dept of Education. Anything you need, feel free to let us ( know.

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Good. I didn’t mean to be Cruel.

I apologized. I don’t know Roy, it’s not like me to speak to people like that.

I apologize Kevin.

Don’t worry, John. Roy has been known to spout off occasionally, too…good guy though…probably like you. We all have our bad days. No worries! :smile:

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No worries man we all got demons to battle. I’m just trying to better myself so I can stick it to em Brother :muscle::100::facepunch:

Forgive me Kevin, Kenton and the entire forum. The post was an ugly display of ignorance on my part. It won’t happen again. JZ

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It takes a real mature person to admit and move forward positively…Bravo! :smile:

It’s in the past, John. It takes courage to apologize publicly, thank you.

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@lkage He called Keaton an ass… And all said was "What the hell is the matter with you? " So does someone have a problem with that ? Really? Think about it a minute before you reply.
I don’t spout off Larry ! I think every post out before I post it…Yep!
And thank you guys for apologizing to Keaton…

Okay, Roy…(I don’t like Fa__ots!) :thinking:

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I wasn’t spouting out . I was telling the truth…
I don’t and never will, but I don’t hate them… There is a big difference in not liking and hating.
The Bible says " Hate the sin, but love the sinner.l
I just can’t see anything correct about two men having sex…Nope!
I goes again’t all my beliefs…
I wasn’t spouting…

Well, you sure weren’t being a CMI, were you, Roy.

OK ! I believe you are starting something with me that I don’t believe you can finish!
What the hell does being a CMI have to do with it? Huh?
I can have my likes and dislikes and still be a CMI.