Assault Rifle and Pocket Pistol Owners

Hello to all.

I currently probably have close to 30 firearms at this time. I have semi-auto hunting rifles, black powder rifles, bolt action rifles, black powder revolvers, shotguns of all sizes and types, big revolvers, little revolvers and a few pistols. I have been a hunter and recreational shooter my entire life and so was my father. He passed away and I inherited his collection. All kept in two huge locked safes that I am certain cannot be removed from my house during a burglary except for a pistol or revolver that is always readily available to me. I’ve always figured I had all I needed until now.

With America in the situation it is in and the laws they are trying to pass it has become apparent to me that I must acquire an Assault Rifle and Pocket Pistol

I got my first Concealed Weapons Permit as soon as I turned 21, many many moons ago. I rarely carried back then but now try not to leave the house without a gun.

Times are tough in the world and there are a lot of desperate people who turn to crime just to provide for their families and a whole lot of total scumbags who have no regard for human life.

I have my own family now and I will do anything humanly possible to protect them. I would have no doubt I would dive in front of them if someone shot at them without the slightest bit of hesitation. I know I would instantly put myself between them and any threat at any time.

Now that you know a little about me I would like your opinions on a few things.

**Pocket Pistol **

What do you have and what do you think is the best and why?

How do you carry it concealed and do you carry it concealed in more than one way? Do you also carry extra mags and how do you carry them concealed?

What accessories do you have, want or feel are must have items?

**Assault Rifle **

What do you have and what do you think is the best and why?

Do you have a sling or any other attachments and what do you think is the best and why?

I also want a bag for the rifle that can carry it ready to go and at least 6 mags and extra ammo. This will also be kept in one of the locked safes most of the time. The bag will be kept loaded “not the gun” and ready to go for emergencies and to transport it to and from the range.

Please post any links you may have and thank you in advance for your help and advice.


FLORIDA FIREARMS Law, Use & Ownership 7th Edition

Well I know I have spent to much time in the office doing email and such because my leg is swollen and the cast will not even move a little bit.

I’m heading to the freezer to get the ice therapy pad “11” X 21" that is amazing and going back to the couch to elevate and ice my foot like I should be doing now. After 20 minutes or so I am sure my leg will be able to move around a little in the cast and be much more comfortable. I will have the laptop so I can read your advice while I sit. Yesterday I started digitizing all the family photo albums while I was there. You see see the setup in my living room so I can spend as much time on the couch as possible.

Colt 6920

I was given 2 of them (identical) for Christmas and so I gave my Bushmaster to a friend. They were about $1,200 each. They’re now about $4,000 each. I recently went to the Denver Gun Show, stood in line for 2 hours (the Fire Marshall would only let people in when others came out), and there were no AR-15’s, AK’s or .223 ammo in the building.

I am terribly afraid I will have the same problems. Was it the colt that jumped in price. I am certain everything has.

Is it piston operated, newer style? cleaner, cooler, etc?

I want 2 but cannot really afford it. Now since I cannot work and have no income coming into my 3 person family but I really feel strongly enough that I will put it on credit card.

I just checked it out. Is the stock multi point adjustable or just all the way out or in?

Seeing I am only going to have one I would lke it to be a good fit for myself and also my wife.

I checked out the ruger srs yesterday and really like the carbine.

I just checked out a bad a s s tactical gun store in my area. I visited a month ago and it was packed full. now according to website they have no rifles.

My main weapon is a .40 cal Walther P99QA. It’s very reliable and quite accurate for a short-barreled semi-auto. I don’t see any need for lasers or a rail mounted light, I don’t expect to ever have the time to use them if the need for my weapon may occur.

At night it sleeps in its bio-safe (fingerprint activated) next to my bed. The safe opens in less than 2 seconds with the touch of my finger.

I can’t legally own assault weapons in CA, so that’s where this point of my conversation will end.

thanks Jeff

Everything that is expected to be targeted by ban legislation has flown off of the retail shelves: Rifles, lowers, magazines, ammunition, even bullets, primers and brass. They literally sold three years worth of inventory in a few weeks. Manufacturers are all working 24x7 to try to put new inventory on the shelves. Values of all items have skyrocketed due to the purchasing frenzy and the laws of supply and demand. Whenever something does hit the shelves, it’s snapped up immediately, often by someone who only intends to resell on the private market for profit. You will be hard pressed to locate one in a store and may be paying double what they would have sold for just a couple of months ago to purchase one from an individual.

The anti-gun crowd have sold more firearms in the last few weeks than the previous year. Demand for AR pattern firearms (these are not “assault rifles” - don’t fall for the antis’ ploy by perpetuating the fallacy) are in higher demand than ever.

You can get a lot more information from folks with a lot of expertise at some of the related forums. (as I write this there are over 11,000 users currently online - it’s a massive community site) (depending on what you want to use it for you may find the 6.8 superior to the 5.56 - contrary to the ignorant statements of anti-gunners the AR in 6.8mm is an outstanding hunting platform)

There are dozens more sites with plenty of available expertise.

These sites will be your best bet for finding a rifle on the private market. Don’t feel that you have to stick to “traditional” manufacturer names. Some of the best rifles are built by boutique manufacturers like Noveske (RIP), ARP, Wilson Combat, etc. etc.

Thanks Chuck.

I live right next to a Bass pro and then there is one close in Miami. They both have my name and number and I plan on calling every day. I do not think they will gouge like the rest.

I think the most important things for now are the gun and clips. I can even buy ammo when things settle down. that will return to normal no matter what eventually. I want at least 6 mags.

Is it legal for private citizens to do that with rifles?

I am not sure but I think so. Not that I believe it is the right thing to do.

Just like snatching up Generators before a Storm / Hurricane…
Only to be Re-Sold…

I don’t know the nuances of when someone is considered to be a firearms dealer and must possess an FFL license. It’s not an activity that I would engage in. Straw purchasing (i.e., buying on behalf of someone else) is illegal. Only the government gets away with facilitating straw purchases to criminals without apparent penalty.

Many states allow for the private person to person direct sale of firearms. If the buyer and seller are in different states the transfer must be conducted though an FFL licensed dealer.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Ben Franklin…

I guess I got another break :slight_smile:

This time it wasn’t my foot.

I bet the odds at winning the lottery are better :slight_smile:

Found one eh?

I am looking for a S&W 15-22 Pink Platinum…
Let me know if you have one for sale…

Sorry if I found that my daughter would never give it up. Unless you had a hello kitty one to trade :slight_smile:

I even got lucky enough to get some of thees :slight_smile: see attached picture.

My daughter loves the .223
The 15-22 is cheaper to practice with than mine…

Not exactly what I wanted but I was really in fear I would not find one anywhere. 10% off entire purchase. around 300+ rounds "all they had and they did not even realize they had them. I was doing the paperwork and another guy came from around the counter and said I think Mr. Meeker would appreciate these and put a 200 round plastic ammo box of brand new hornady
223 55 grain. Then the guy selling me the stuff happened to look towards something and found 5 or 6 20 round boxes of 223 superformance 53 grain.
I asked him how much they were and he responded “does it matter”

I also picked up a single point front sling and cleaning kit and some extra patches.

I’ll order 5 or six more mags and a drag bag sniper type bag with room for everything to go and shoulder strap. The bag they had just had a hand handle.

I have not felt this lucky / happy in a real long time.