Assault Rifle and Pocket Pistol Owners

I have 2 Glock 40cal. Model 22 and 27. The 27 is much easier to conceal. WEe also have a .22, 30-06, 12g shotgun and assorted other weapons available. Wife, 20yo son and I do love to shoot. My wife is not bad at all. I would not want her shooting at me.

Take a look at They are the largest online sales for ammo. I have ordered ammo from them and have not had any problems. They do admit that some items are hard to have in stock.

My expert friend I brought to the shop with me told me of them today for mags. I instantly put it in my favorite new app Evernote. Since i’ve been laid p i use it a lot. He also told me his son the Former Marine likes magpull mags. I’ll check them both out tonight. :slight_smile: My little one is not large enough to properly hold anything yet. Maybe a Bearcat. I have 2 single sixes and may trade or sell one for a bearcat.

I have extensive experience with just about every other kind of firearm but I do not think I have ever even held an AR before today. Lots to learn

My daughter’s pattern at 25 yards with a .223 (30 Rounds)

Not bad for her first time firing an AR-15

open sights?

I just showed her and she asked for it :roll: She will be 7 in the middle of march.

I said when she could shoot one i would get it for her if she still wanted it :smiley:


I’ve never been a fan of firearms made to look like toys. IMO: Firearms are serious and the cutesy stuff creates a wrong impression for kids.

My point to her was that by the time I would let her shoot it she likely would not want it :slight_smile:

Ditto. And guns not only protect liberty, but they also protect capitalism from tyrants who want planned economies and big government. Planned economies and big government cause poverty. Since I became an adult in 1980, capitalism (in one form or another) lifted 750 million people around the world, out of poverty. 750 million! Big (an now unaffordable) government = poverty.

Inspection opportunities here in Idaho . . .

walls and fortresses seem silly in the era of bomb strikes and drones

I don,t think groups would stand much of a chance against Our mlitarty.

I am more worried about riots and times of natural disaster in which case that would be great. I am going to look further into it for fun while stuck on the couch… our hood is fairly defensible as only one road leads towards our house and water all around. we are essentially on little islands. We do have some crappy areas very close by.

I don’t think groups would stand much of a chance against Our military.

I am more worried about riots and times of natural disaster in which case that would be great. I am going to look further into it for fun while stuck on the couch… our hood is fairly defensible as only one road leads towards our house and water all around. we are essentially on little islands. We do have some crappy areas very close by. I am worried about our citizens going bananas.

No disagreement here . . .

Take your pick…

It first must be noted that the term “assault rifle” is a made up term used to describe a semi-auto that simply looks scary. A true assault rifle (if such a thing exists) would be a select-fire full auto weapon. There is no “best” really… only personal preference. I prefer platforms that are currently in service with SO units and avoid cheaper copies like Bushmaster and others. Not that they’re bad rifles but you get what you pay for. I compete in tactical matches and precision long range and beat the crap out of them so bomb-proof reliability costs $$$. As for pistols I’m not too picky but prefer Glocks for reasons mentioned above…that and you can run about any crap ammo through them and they’ll go bang evey time and are extremely dirt/water tolerant.

What you choose really should be based on one thing…how badly do you want to be out-gunned and can you safely store them in a manner that they couldn’t be stolen without a supply of C4. I personally believe that a strong offense is the best defense.

If you really want to learn I’d check out the gun forums rather than a HI forum.

Nice… I am now a member of
Up North there you must have some long distance places to shoot. Down here nothing :frowning:

I would love to shoot distance but can’t anywhere around here. 100 yd max.
My environment would rarely require much further distances.

I prefer highend firearms most of the time and between my collection and my Fathers I now have 30+. Whatever I had he had the better nicer version.

I got the Bushmaster because I could and felt damn lucky to get it. I even got around 360 rounds.

I have never had the desire for a AR platform rifle as I have only been a hunter and personal use carrier. With rifles I do not think I have ever fired twice in a row while hunting. That is why I never thought about military style weapons.

Now I have a wife and family and am really worried where our Country is headed. I wanted to make sure I had something with a little more firepower before the Commies in place now tried to ban them.

My main worries is not against our gov but against the scumbags that come out in times of National or Natural disaster.

My personal choice would likely be something like the photos above " LWRC and Danial Defense" but I had to take what I could get. I like the power of the second one for sure.

I think I am going to have a lot of fun learning about this type of weapon as my foot heals. I would like a light and optics but i am going to learn on mine the way it is before adding anything. For now my Weatherby 270mag and Swarvorski can reach out there if need be. Spelling likely all wrong there :slight_smile:

The tax stamp issue is a little confusing as I hear that the gov can just stop by whenever they want for a looksee and then I hear from others they cannot.

All my weapons are stored in real heavy duty steel safes that one man cannot move but i have no idea of what plastic can do. I doubt anything can stop a pro from getting your stuff if they want it.

Right now my last urgent concern is I get the 12 mags I have ordered. At least then I will feel I am some what prepared for worst case scenarios where it is me protecting my wife and daughter. Those 2 firearms above sure would be nice to have :slight_smile:

Fully auto or burst has never been something I wanted " I do not think I could aim as fast as they could shoot" but a suppressor sure could have its advantages.

Any advice on a good bag that could hold the bushmaster and 12 mags with a link wold be greatly appreciated. I want at least a shoulder strap.

I am a little confused with the different attachment systems for vests and bags as i have no real tactical experience. I like the 5.11 bags but how would I secure the mags? I would prefer them be inside with the rifle but if need be would attach a separate bag to the case if it can be done. It looks as it is designed to hold attachments on the exterior but I cannot tell I cannot tell by the pictures.

Yea I hear ya. It’s pure panick out there right now. Daniel Defense makes good kit and would be a good choice if you could land one. Gun shops typically just carry rack-grade stuff. I always order directly from the manufacturer and have them built to my specs but it can take 6 months for a build. A Bushy is fine just to get in the game…they go bang.

As I mentioned having 30 rounds and go bang is likely good enough for my surroundings. I have no doubt I can likely hit a 3 inch circle all day at 100 yards with a rest with it. It is a guess because I have yet to shoot it.

I live on an island at the end of a turncircle. My neighbors are a couple of detectives "one female trooper and one male BSO, a fireman and retired cop. on my street alone.

We should be able to hold our area no matter what the scumbags throw at us :slight_smile:

One way in one way out. Not counting the water. Not to many of the scumbags like the water and I am sure I’d pop them before them made it the 50 yrds to me :slight_smile: I do not imagine an all out frontal water charge to get my supplies.

Don’t fall for the “they have no use for hunting” canard. The AR platform, depending on how you configure it, makes an outstanding hunting firearm. I have one in 6.8SPC-II (same caliber as your Weatherby) that was configured expressly for hunting. It’s been used to take deer, bobcat and hogs. I can switch from conventional scope to night vision in no time at all. Multiple shots are great when night hunting hogs. Still need a suppressor though.

I do not fall for none of their crap :slight_smile:

I want the right to have everything that is available.

I just have never felt the need for a fighting rifle. I want to be able to fight as well as I can hunt. Now I feel the need to have the ability to fight.

There are more bags available than I could cover. Voodoo Tactical makes a decent carbine bag with plenty of mag storage pouches…my son gave me one so I use it. There may be better out there.

5.11 makes great backpacks and their rifle bags are good too. If whatever bag you choose has molle webbing on the exterior you can use that to attach whatever you want…mag pouches etc.

You’ll find that buying bags is difficult if you don’t first get to fondle it. buying over the web you never know what’s going to show up.