Asset Inspectionz

A word to the wise.

If someone (Blaine or Frank) from Asset Inspectionz based in Palm Harbor FL, call you about doing an asset inspection, turn them down. I did one for them back the end of June and I’ve still not been paid (supposed to be net 30.). I’ve called them a few times but nothing has come from it. (Too little money to worry about turning over to collections.)

At the time, even though they don’t pay much, I thought it would be easy filler work (and it is). But it’s not easy enough to do for free.

Only way I would do another for them would be if they sent me the check in advance.

They took me for $50

Are these REO jobs? I just linked up with a REO network and have been contacted by every weird-o out there. I’ll add this one to the list.

No, this outfit has you check to ensure that equipment purchased or leased by businesses has been installed on-site. Apparently a lot of leased equipment gets shipped somewhere, and then out the back door sold elsewhere. The bank wants to ensure that the “asset” is where it’s supposed to be.

It’s nice that if you google or yahoo “Asset Inspectionz” this little thread comes up on page one. I would imagine that their unethical practice of hiring and then not paying coming to light, will be much more costly to their business than if they would have simply paid as agreed.

So to anyone who is considering doing business with Blaine or or Frank at Asset Inspectionz of Palm Harbor Fl, I would strongly urge you to re-consider.

Same story, no payment after inspection. No reply to invoice, phones, etc.

Keep distance from Blaine Conti, with Asset InspectionZ, 1823 Eagle Ridge Blvd, Palm Harbor, FL 34685

Keep the faith, "What goes around, comes around.

John Kidwell
Kidwell Home Inspection, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN


Thanks for the warning Mark.