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Ok this is probably a stupid question but if you join an association is the access to the suprakey guaranteed? I’m hoping to join one. I’ve looked at 3. One wants 250 to 3500 dollars. Yes that 3500 comes with fantastic marketing perks but if I had that kind of money to throw around I probably wouldn’t need an association. I found two others that seem great. I really want access to the key. I might have just got a great connection to a realtor that deals with big money houses. Lol I want have every selling point as possible when the meeting gets set up.

Hi April. I am in GA. The key is on my phone for about $15 a month.

You need a non-member/CBS Supra-key application which is on the website. This is for vendors such as home inspectors, pest-control, appraisers etc.

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you should only have one association in your area. if there are more then one then you would need to join all to get access to that area keys. I am a associate member of the realtor board. its $150.00 a year. and then $15.00 a month for Supra key access. after the $150.00 one time deposit. you get access to the ekey on your phone, But must get the CBS code from the agent to open the box. saves the realtors time in returning to let you in a house to get your Radon test equipment after 2 days. no need for then to let you back in. But it needs to be known you would be there. cant just walk in. as your access can get pulled. and you can get a fine. Never try to open a lockbox with out prior knowledge. it wont open without the CBS code anyways.

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Not necessarily. You will have a background check performed.

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So is that all I need to do is fill that out?

I would call them before you filled it out and get all your questions answered.