ASTM & Florida Legislation

Now that ASTM has decided to write a standard for home inspecting we as inspectors should take the time to contact our Representatives in Tallahassee to discuss with them the inclusion of this standard when they consider home inspector licensing for Floridian home inspectors.

ASTM will no doubt become the standard once it is released as they are the proven, trusted, world recognized, unbiased, independent authority on testing and inspection standards.

Adoption of the yet unwritten ASTM standard would relieve the state from having to choose from the pool of biased association standards that currently exist, or having to expend the resources necessary to produce a standard of their own.

Contact your Representative today and explain to them the importance of the ASTM standard and why it is imperative for them not to make any decisions regarding home inspector licensing until this new standard has been released.


Do you actually believe this to be true? ASTM’s 2810-01 is clearly sub-standard as far as SOPs are concerned.

Additionally, other HI orgs already occupy the field. Many states have already adopted their orn SOP, or accept others which exist. To think that those laws will be re-written because some believe ASTM sits on-high, is short-sighted.

Never gonna happen.

Joe I think you have just peed off a few people with this thread. lol

Frankly, I would not be able to understand why any advocate of state controlled home inspections would not agree with Joe’s post.

Sorry, what was the question? :smiley:

Which Joe ?



Joe Burkeson.

Joe Burkeson writes

Now I’ll agree with that! Let me know when its finished (probably around 2032 AD).

All Joe’s Tick us off

This is a NAHI convention… who has ask ASTM to have a
meeting to consider the topic SoP. ASTM did not start this.

Committee meetings are self invitations and ASTM does not appoint
committee members (no endorsement)… Why?

Because this is not the first time that someone like NAHI has
ask ASTM to consider a meeting about a certain subject… and
ASTM does not want this meeting to make it look like they are
endorsing the subject of the meeting. NAHI, and all the wanna be
committee members, will milk this for all it’s worth… in order
to look like they are now associated with ASTM…

ASTM has not endorsed any association or any SoP. Like Nick
said… this may take another 25 years, if they are lucky. :mrgreen:

BTW… Who were these key members of the inspection community
that they referr to? NACHI, ASHI, and others were not on the list.

On February 19, 2007, ASTM International (ASTM) will hold an Organizational Meeting for a new standards development activity on Inspection of Residential Dwellings. The meeting will take place in conjunction with the **Annual Conference **of the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI), and will be held at the Riviera Hotel & Casino, 2901 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 (phone: 702/794-9412; The meeting will commence at 9:00 a.m. and adjourn at approximately 4:00 p.m. NOTE: There is no fee to attend this meeting.

At a planning meeting held September 10, 2006, key members of the residential inspection industry, including a diverse collection of service** providers**, unanimously agreed to hold an organizational meeting for the development of this new activity within ASTM International.

So now you want us to believe a newbie like you speaks for all of ASTM, as far as anyone knows you ain’t even a member of ASTM, get a life!

Call my representative,that may take a few$$$$$ dollars.

No I never made the claim to speak for ASTM. You did.

I was building HOUSES for years when you started to read your
first book about them…

You never answer my question from the other day…
have you ever built ONE house newbie? :mrgreen:

Yeah, I built one house (my 1st wife the bitch still lives in it), but mostly I built schools, hospitals and a couple buildings even a hick east-Texan might have heard of, WTC & Merrill Lynch Building, not by myself mind you, I had a little help. :stuck_out_tongue:

ASHI’s sending the heavy guns to the party. Couple of their National Officers, the executive director, current & past National Presidents. Must be an important meeting.

What? their going to Vegas on a expense account, get real!

Have no idea who’s paying but ASHI is sending in the troops. You know that for sure some of them are gonna be paid for by XXXXXXXXX