ASTM meeting date and venue confirmed. Everyone welcome.

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Subject: RE: ASTM Meeting Date - Home Inspection Activity

Good Morning –

Please note that the date & venue mentioned below are locked. I would appreciate your assistance relative to informing your collective memberships of the meeting; as was the case in February, this meeting will be open to any interested parties. However, please note that the vote to formalize this activity will take place at the live meeting – proxies will not be accepted.

Thanks again for your flexibility relative to the date & venue – I look forward to seeing you in September.

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Subject: ASTM Meeting Date - Home Inspection Activity[/FONT][FONT=‘Times New Roman’][/FONT]

To: Leadership of AHIA, ASHI, NACHI, & NAHI
From: Pat Picariello
Re: Date & Venue for Organizational Meeting
Greetings –

I hope the summer is treating you well. I wanted to inform you of the date & venue for the final organizational meeting for the home inspection standards activity – I’d like you to advise me of any potential conflict(s) with the date, as we would like to keep complications surrounding attendance to a minimum.

Meeting Date: Monday, September 24, 2007
Meeting Venue: ASTM International HQ, West Conshohocken, PA

Once the date is locked, I will send you formal meeting announcements/invitations. I would also like to ask your assistance in distributing the information to your collective memberships.

Thanks for your attention to this matter – I look forward to hearing back from you.

[FONT=‘Trebuchet MS’]Pat A. Picariello, J.D., CStd[/FONT]
[FONT=‘Trebuchet MS’]Director, Developmental Operations[/FONT]
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What is needed to formally attend this meeting?

Just email them and tell them you are coming, or I can do it for you. Will you be there? Let’s do the Sly Fox the night before if you are around.

I will mark the Date on the Calendar.

Let them know that I will attend.


I think that it may be hugely important for as many members to attend this as possible. NAHI will likely pump this up since it may just be their last stand at stacking the deck. They desperately want the prestige of an association with ASTM in the face of their shrinking numbers and legal troubles. They have nothing to lose.

What is expected to go on exactly at this meeting? I can more than likely make time to attend if it is going to be of any help.


Is my attendance confirmed? What is the time of the meeting?

Yes Joe, 9 am I think.