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The following link contains a white paper about SoP written by Russell Strahan and myself after years of working on the subject of SoP. It discusses the challenges encountered when writing any SoP. The paper is submitted as an opinion and not a challenge.

The paper does not deemphasize the importance and success of NACHI SoP. The NACHI SoP continue to lead the industry into this young century.

Thank you for your attention

John Cahill and Russell Strahan

Good man, John.


The following is quoted from John Cahill’s conclusions at the end of
his paper written to ASTM about the proposed Standards of Practice
changes (BTW… good work John):

The only thing I see that would cause all 50 states, Realtors, Insurance
companies, Home Inspectors, Lenders, etc… to SUBMIT to ONE common
Standards of Practice… would be a Federal Law. IMHO.

Mr Cahill’s struggle to change just few things in the Texas Sop resulted
in little response but many, many months of long battles.

“An ASTM initiative to create a Home Inspection Standards of Practice
has great potential to unify an industry which is inherently competitive
and currently confusing. In immediate terms, the process of developing
such an initiative cannot happen in a vacuum and a large number of interested parties should be anticipated to promote their agendas.
In many cases these agendas will be conflicting and some resistance is
easy to anticipate. Careful thought should be given to issues in home
inspection prior to attempting any draft language. After deliberating
these issues, rules that govern the creation of the Standards of Practice can be adopted. This would tend to involve stakeholders in debate and resolve major questions before draft language is created. With sufficient
pro-active involvement by stakeholders, a draft Standards of Practice
can rise above organized opposition. As regards the drafting of a new Standards of Practice, the issues involved are complex but manageable.
All of the existing SoPs exhibit some variation in philosophy and many contain serious flaws in language or style. These problems can be
overcome by an organization of the expertise, experience and reputation of ASTM.

:roll: Federal Law may be were we are headed… who knows?
But I may not live to see it.