ASTM Potable Tubing

Can anyone give me anymore information on plumbing lines listed as ASTM Potable Tubing on the line? Do they lean more toward PEX or more toward the Vanguard Potable Tubing (that horrible PB!)


American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) develops the standards for testing different types of material for potable water tubing (along with about 200,000 other standards probably, for other things). They don’t lean towards anything at all, it is simply stated on the tubing by whoever manufactured it to show it meets ASTM standards. In general, you’ve asked an unanswerable question. Do you have a specific issue you are trying to address?

Not particularly, no…I’ve just seen this in a few homes here in Utah and the plumbers I have talked to about it regard it in the same class as PEX.

Recently though we’ve been going the rounds with the seller on a home plumbed with Vanguard PB that has metal fittings rather than the resin plastic fittings. The seller says that this PB is ok because it has the metal fittings, and I’m still recommending replacement. The fittings look similar to what we see on PEX and the stuff labeled ‘ASTM’ and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything…