ASTM sent me the minutes of the recent Vegas meeting.

I’m currently opinionless on the astm thing- but isn’t it funny how defensive ASHI good ol boys get? They sound like my kids fighting over the best seat in front of the tv…We were here first! wahh wahh wahh

Nick - Do you approve these minutes as fair representation of events, as they actually transpired?

Who will pay ASTM for all of this repeat work?

Its already been done, all we need are some rules on what the client must be told in advance to eliminate some very minimal inspectors who look for excuses to get in and out quickly, on subjects such as:

  1. What maximum size ladders will be used?
  2. Does the inspectors physical size limit him from inspecting the crawlspace?
  3. How many inspections a day does the inspector perform or how much time will be spent on site?
  4. Will the inspector list the electrical issues or just require an electrician?

These are the areas where many homebuyers are getting screwed big time!