Atlanta drought woes

Bad thing is I live on what used to be Lake Lanier (just mud now where I am at).

T-minus 3 months until severe crisis… Lake Lanier has three months of water storage left |](

another article about Tennessee town losing water supply… many more on the way very soon

Stats show that 25% of Atlanta’s water leaks through its old water pipe system alone.

Talks of pushing a bill that will make it Mandatory to upgrade toilets to new 1.6 gallon flush on resale homes (will save 365 million gallons per year).

Poor California with those fires, hope you guys get some rain too.



Inspecting what is left of Lake Lanier area
Home Inspector Gainesville
Home Inspector Atlanta

You can have some of my water We in Ok. have an yearly average of 30 some inches of rain per year as of the middle of Oct we broke the all time record set in 1908 of 50 some inches and have had over 6 more inches since we broke the record. Feels like living in the amazon.

Look on the bright side of things. You can still come to Florida and eat mussels.

Good one Greg :mrgreen: Its all about the mussels for you guys in Flordia huh?


It would not be fair for us to keep all of the water Ray.