Atlanta Education Event-Huge Success

Gerry Beaumont of Gerry Beaumont Consulting, conducted a 2-day Education Event in Atlanta on 11/10 &11/11 for a packed house of Home Inspectors from 3 states that was sponsored by Lorne Steiner of Porter Valley Software. Day-1 included courses on Manufactured Housing Inspections and Electrical Inspections and day-2 was on Commercial Inspections.

A Big Thank You To Gerry for all his hard work and knowledge, and another Big Thank You to Lorne for making it all possible. The Commercial version of Porter Valley Software was unveiled and it is to say the least it is Very Impressive! If you have’nt seen it go to for a look.

Again, thank you to Gerry, Lorne, and all the attending inspectors for making this a HUGE SUCCESS.

Earl Beahm, NACHI Atlanta President

We had a great couple of days here in Atlanta, thanks to Porter Valley software (who sponsored the training room for 2 days), Earl Beahm, who planned the event, and the Atlanta Chapter members who as always were a great bunch of people to spend time with.

I taught for 2 days covering, Manufactured housing, Electrical inspection and Commercial inspection. A hell of a good event. Lorne Steiner and Mark Donahue from PV were in attendance showing off there Commercial software and no one fell asleep at all!!

The Altanta chapter deserves recognition as one of NACHI’s oldest and most active chapters, they meet every month, rain or shine to provide support and education to Georgian members. My hat is off to Mike Rose (past President) and Earl Beahm (President) for writing the blueprint for all NACHI chapters.


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Hi to all,

BTW, I left earl with a lasting reminder of my visit (as he put it) a streaming head cold.

Sorry Earl :wink:

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What an excellent way to spend two full days. I know that at every educational event I will learn something. Gerry made this one exceptionally beneficial. I like his perspective on inspecting, and the casual delivery gets his points across easily.

With the 20+ attendees, I would like to see more of this type of educational session. Definitely worth the time!

My Thanks to Gerry, Earl and NACHI

CJ Morris
Capstone Home Inspections, LLC
Marietta, GA

Thanks Earl! To Porter Valley and Gerry for the support and instruction, we all appreciate your efforts. Without your support, or NACHI backing, events as these would not be possible.

Knowledge is power. You can’t depart an event as this without feeling empowered. I second – worth the time.

thanks to Gerry ,Lorne ,and Earl for setting this event up .It was very informative and I got lot out of it. Also thanks to NACHI for making these events availabe.

Continuing education is what its all about. We can’t do it on our own. Our Atlanta Chapter president, Earl Beahm deserves a big hand for getting this event to our area. Gerry Beaumont deserves kudos for fighting his way through a cold but putting on three educational courses that kept and peaked my interest throughout. Thanks again Gerry. And lastly Lorne Steiner for sponsoring this event. What a great commercial program and literally one of a kind. Thanks again to all.
If any inspectors are thinking about going to these events, stop thinking and just do it. You will not be disappointed.

It is people like Gerry and Earl that make NACHI a positive place to be.

Nice work, as always Gerry.

Great class this week…on Modular Homes and Electrical…thanks to Gerry Beaumount and Loron with Porter Valley. Hope to see more classes like this soon. Great opportunity for NACHI member. Thanks to Earl for help on organizing.


Inspections By Chuck Horner


An outstanding educational event! Gerry presented three informative, interesting, and entertaining classes on important subjects. Mobile & manufactured homes is an often-neglected area inspectors need to know about. The introduction to commercial inspection was inspiring and exciting.

Thanks to Lorne for sponsoring this event and demonstrating the new commercial inspection software. Looks like a great tool!


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The classes were very informative and not to rushed. We need more classes like this one. My fellow inspector ( Phillip Smith ) and I traveled from Tuscaloosa, Al. to attend. The 4 hrs. drive and the two night stay were worth the effort.
Thanks Everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank Gerry, Earl and NACHI. Great seminar, learned a ton of info and best of all it was free. Thanks again