Atlanta home inspector mistakenly thinks...

…Low beds can cause water issues. #-o

:22…Says, ‘this house here has no gutters on it…the bed across the front of the house appears to be low and in the crawlspace area there’s evidence of water coming in around the front stoop area…ah, just a easy fix, adding some dirt probably 6-8" of dirt to keep the water out’ ](,)](,)](*,)

Same shtt different day.

Eh, not picking on the guy, he may indeed be an honest-good HI, am just trying to help…show, prove that there’s 1 or more reasons/problems why basements, crawls leak and adding 6-8" of dumb az dirt is NOT A solution for whatever the actual problem(s) truns out to be…you could get sued for incompetent statements (supposed fixes)…hello!

Here’s a crawlspace, if this HI was there and had recommended raising the dumb az grade etc…would THAT have fixed the actual problems as to WHY the dumb az crawl was leaking…huh?
click each photo to umm ENLARGE.

Anyone really think pouring MORE concrete against the house,against the crawl-walls or extending the downspouts 8 miles high…I mean away :mrgreen: or adding 6-8" of dirt would have SOLVED the actual problems/leaks?

Eight Miles High/Birdies

This is the Realtor friendly solution, don’t you know? :wink:

lolol, think I’ve met 2 realtors who ‘get’ SOME of this subject…over 36 years.

Most I’ve met tell people, ‘Oh all it needs is some dirt, raise/slope duh grade’ or ‘Oh, all it needs is longer downspout ext’s’ or like dorkball G Haege they highly recommend 1 or 2 interior system companies…freakin SCAM.

I agree John very bad advice. Preventing crawlspace/foundation water intrusion is rarely a simple fix.

In this video if they added 6"-8" of dirt it would block the crawl vent/well. Also he didn’t even mention installing gutters. So you add more dirt and raise the ground level; but still have water pouring off of the roof.

So you’re suggesting water proofing a basement and better downspouts , yes?

Always suggest to FIND-LOCATE, aka correctly identify the problem(s) and then, fix it correctly. And going over to anyone’s home who has a leaky basement or crawl and telling them to raise and slope duh grade or get longer downspout extensions or install gutters or install an interior system and 99 sump pumps does not, has not in the least, found-located-identified the actual problem(s), nor has any of that fixed whatever the problem(s) turns out to be. :mrgreen: