Atlanta's September Chapter Meeting

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The September 21 meeting was a great success with 23 in attendance.

Harry Johnson presented some very helpful and informative information about stucco systems. He informed us about several home inspectors that came very close to being sued by the seller for providing incorrect stucco information ion their reports which could have resulted in a sale being lost. Harry was able to save a couple inspectors from this fate but on incurred several thousand dollars in legal fees. Harry's advice is don't dabble in stucco inspection if you are not properly trained and experienced. Where have we heard that before? He provided a sample of wording which can be added into a home inspection report which will protect the home inspector from a problem in this area,

"This home has stucco type cladding present. It is suggested that you have an EDI (Exterior Design Institute) or equivalent certified inspector perform a stucco inspection to help ensure that the system is performing as intended to identify any corrective actions needed."

We would like to welcome our new members that recently joined the chapter. (3 at the meeting and 3 on line from our website) :

Don Maddox - Conyers,GA
Gordon Dugger - Lawrenceville, GA
Vern Noble - Loganville, GA
Richard Clendenin - Grayson, GA
Brad Cherry - Eatonton, GA
Lonnie E. Jones, Jr. - Lawrenceville, GA

Several guests also attended.

To date the Atlanta Chapter has 36 members on the books. I feel that our chapter is growing because we are following and promoting the NACHI purpose of helping home inspectors develop more successful businesses and exchange information so we can all learn and become better inspectors.

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Mike Rose
Cornerstone Home Inspection Co. LLC
Lawrenceville, GA