Atlantic City Inspection Conference

I leave Sat morning for Philly and then on to the conference for Sunday. I wouldn’t mind meeting with other inspectors who frequent this forum just to say hello and compare experiences. I will be there through Thurs so look me up. I am easy to find being 6’6" tall and over 260lbs. Say hello if you see me or drop me a note here.

My wife will be there. Tell her I’ll buy you a beer.

I’ll be there. I’m teaching a 4 hour class on Home Inspector Pro from 2-6 on Sunday, a 2 hour class on Website Optimization on Saturday and 2 hours on Social Networking on Tuesday, both at 8am.

Dominic, you mention your website class is Saturday? I was planning on Monday…perhaps a typo?

See you there

Yup, sorry that’s a typo. My classes are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.