Atlantic City - Special Pricing

Hey Everyone!

Our chapter has obtained special pricing for Florida members to attend the April Casey O’Malley Convention in Atlantic City!!!

Just visit our chapter site here: Not Florida Nachi to see the discount code and registration link.

John and I had such a great time in Vegas… we are going to Atlantic City and Hope to See you all There!

THANK YOU to Casey O’Malley for the generosity to our Florida Members!!!

Wow, that’s awesome. Nice job Michelle! That will be a great conference. I’m doing 5 different 2 hour talks! I hope you bring your ear plugs :smiley:

HA HA… I am looking forward to ALL 5 OF THEM!!!
Assuming…you are wearing clean underwear!

(did you hear anything yet?)

No, my boxers have been declared MIA!

That is just creepy. I am starting to go along with the whole voodoo thing…

Just booked our flight and hotel. Hope to see you all there! :slight_smile: