Atlas Shrugged

I’ve noticed this “economic progression” over the last 50 year, and each swing of the pendulum gets a little closer to the end.

Yes, it is true we are on the road to the Atlas Society but it was truly spawned by the eight reckless years of the George W. Bush administration without which it could have never come about.

I like Atlas Shrugged, today you might want to read Naomi Klein’s tome The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism to see what Atlas has evolved into. It ain’t a trip to the beach.

For all the “sins” of Bush, this hardly a problem that started only 8 years ago:roll:

Can you say FDR’s New Deal or LBJ’s great Society? :shock:

Progress grasshopper, progress, enlightenment is not for the faint hearted. :smiley:

Please note the “quotes” around sins.

Bush has no doubt damaged the conservative/Republican brand with his actions, especially recent financial/bailout decisions. But as I have to keep reminding you, the only significant opposition was from the Republican side of the aisle.

Your boys were, are and will be in hearty agreement with all the bailouts that have accomplished nothing so far.

Live with it Love it joey. You helped put them in power.

You sound like my teenaged grandson. When he learns something new to him, he thinks that his generation just now discovered it. Doesn’t he ever wonder what has been happening the last two million years??

FYI, economic history in this country, and the rest of the world, actually dates back more than just the past eight years.

Live with it.

joey ends his dates with BO or AB :roll:

Joey goes on dates???

And he has BO???

Ann Rands works are not all that great in literary history. And an Atheist to boot. Albeit better then the Wall Street Journal.

More of an Upton Sinclair fan myself.:wink:


“The Jungle”

I know writers like to invent unique names to identify their works.

But…Jurgis Rudkus??

Hey BK…I just noticed your signature line…so you’re a Arizona Certified Pest hunh? ;-);-);-);-):mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::D:D

Another Socialist Utopian

Good one Jae. It did have an effect on food safety and working conditions though. :smiley: Dammit that govt intervention. :wink:

Wow I also seem to remember how the Govt intervened in WWII, that seemed to work out ok. At least for us, Toyota’s, and BMW’s are cheap.


Thanks for noticing, I’ll take it as a complement.

You know, we all get old, but thats no reason waste the experience of life by growing up, sorry to hear you allowed yourself to succumb to your age, you could have held out.

Tried that “growing up” stuff–it warn’t no fun. Me’n Peter Pan are holding our own at our respective ages, and it’s working out real good fer both’n us.:D:D:D