Atmospheric Vacuum Relief Pool Equipment

Has anyone seen a residential pool with an Atmospheric Pool Vacuum Relief system installed?

Any advise concerning the installation or requirements of this system would be appreciated.

Pictures would also be helpful.

Very good information.

Have you run accross any?

I haven’t done any new pools so I haven’t seen any and would not be sure how to recognize them.


Unless you are CPO-CPI Certified or the equivalent I would suggest deferring to a qualified service provider. There are many out there for $75.00 on up $30.00 is ridiculously low, imo. If you need the name of someone call me. Exhaustive runs about $500-600

Way too much diversification of equipment and liability for the minimal financial return and does your E&O apply?

TREC SOP do not scratch the standards that should be applied for a real pool inspection.

Have you any pictures of any?

Let me know if anyone wants to pay $500 to check a pool.

After examining aound 500 pools whats one more.

Scroll down Peter.

HAVE YOU SEEN ONE INSTALLED ON A POOL and does anyone have a picture.

I have seen the adds, but not seen one on a pool…

Now I know one reason why I haven’t seen them.

Of the various cities I have checked with in the DFW area, they don’t require them yet.

But its a comin soon as a building requirement !

Gary, I viewed your web site and it is very good!!

I really appreciated the pool information.

Thanks All