Atomic Solution For Gulf Oil Leak

Atomic Solution For Gulf Oil Leak

What do you think?

From what I understand Russia did this on several occasions with remarkable success. When we think “atomic bomb” we think total devastation and nuclear fallout. A low yield explosion might just work with a minimum of contamination. Especially when we are talking about the ocean and it’s ability to naturally dilute pretty much anything in a relatively short amount of time.

Do you ever read or watch any of the stuff you post?? :roll:

You realize in your example they had to drill another shaft into the existing well to place the Nuclear Device, right???

It should would help if we could stop the leak. Has the soviet union ever
done it under water?

If you are asking me, you are asking the wrong person. I don’t know.

The side effects would be disastrous. A nuclear bomb has too many side effects. The resulting radioactivity could contaminate the oil that is present in the area and if it does not work, could contaminate any oil that would continue to leak.

Just imagine radioactive oil hitting the ocean shores, the sea beds and the marshes. Then that same radioactive oil could make it into the Atlantic.

Let’s see. By products of a nuclear blast.

  1. Cesium 137, 1/2 life of 30 years
  2. Amerivcium 241, 1/2 life of 432.7 years
  3. Iodine 129, 1/2 life of 15.7 million years
  4. Strontium 90, 1/2 life of 29.1 years
  5. Tritium, 1/2 life of 12.3 years.

Only an idiot would take a chance like that.

John i seen that also, One said it would work and has on land. No proof it would work 1 mile under water. The fellow said it would depend on rock formation for the heat to fuse the rock. ANother expert said odds are against it due to the water and type of rocks.

Sure , If the oil doesn’t totally destroy the Gulf and beyond lets experiment with a Nuke . ? They cant contain the oil how in the …

Speaking of which, you will notice they have to DRILL A FRIGGING hole to put the device in… :wink:

Why is a wing nut looking to the Communists for answers anyway?? :twisted:

Can you imagine what the coast is going to look like in a few months
with all that oil still leaking out? I wish they could stop it somehow.

I can,t believe NOBODY had a plan on how to handle this before drilling was allowed. Call me naive . It is a disgrace to the great people of this nation how it is being handled. I spend allot of time in and on the Gulf and it is sickening to think of what may be if it is not stopped ASAP.

The plan was for the BOP to actually work.

Something went terribly wrong and it likely involved BP management decisions and lack of proper oversight by the federal Mineral Management Service.

This is governmental stink all over it.


There were supposed to be safeguards on the well to protect against just such an occurance–some sort of an auto-closing cap installed. But BP didn’t install any such safeguard and the MMS didn’t pay too much attention to that. They had parties to attend to, don’t ya’ know.

The Dutch and the Saudis offered to send ships to help–they have had successful experience with this, maybe not so deep though, in their part
of the world–

But you know the rest, I’m sure.

So now you want some Government help??

I’d bet that no-one on the left knows that we were even offered help, let alone why we don’t have it.

Mostly because it is not true…but that never Stops Jae. :twisted:

If they dropped a large ring with a cap on top of it and suctioned it down to the ocean floor like they do with the anchors…it would probably stop the flow until a perminant solution could be found. Suction the oil out to ships on the surface or to a nearby rig.

Apparently America was offered help from 13 countries, mine included, but B.H.O. said no and quoted some obscure law. It seems that this law is more important than the lives of millions of creatures, the livelihood of thousands of citizens and the condition of thousands of miles of shore line.

It must be quite a law!

Ironically… this just seems to be appropriate right now… :mrgreen:

And as for the “Atomic Solution”… not only ‘No’,… but “Hell No”!!!

That was tried early on.

Methyl Hydrates form “ice” crystals and plugged it up.

The current top cap is similar but has method of preventing the formation of frozen hydrates.