Att. AZ Inspectors

And busshy too;)
If you are doing framing and new home warranty inspections, AZ ASHI is having an inspect a house on a framed stage house on March 10.

From what I gather this is a custom home in the framing stage with many, many problems, by attending you will have the opportunity to see and hear what the expereinced local guys are looking for and commonly write up on these inspections, the local city building inspector will also be there to give his perspective on his inspections.

OK, who are you and what have you done with the real Dan Harris, the real Dan just wouldn’t post anything that useful :wink:

Seriously Dan, I hope some of our members are able to benefit from the information. What is the cost??



I think it is 149.00 for ASHI members and 179.00 for non members. It is about 275 miles from Tucson. I am sure it will be a quality event as all the top dogs will be there.:cool:

Ahh now… I always try to help my fellow AZ inspectors. :o :o :wink: :slight_smile:
Seriously myself or nobody else has any other way to offer to help them excel unless they come foreward and accept the help AZ ASHI members offer all inspectors, to me no class room training can beat this type of hands on training and shared experiences, hopefully the information shared by all, will keep all inspectors that attend out of court and not on the wrong side of the table at the BTR.

The cost for non members, 175.00 which includes continental breakfast and lunch…

Good post Dan.

I trust by your comments in your post #4 that you also alert everyone at ASHI of all our that are educational so as to help your fellow AZ inspectors.


No Problem… I think Cheryl does a great job with no $$s to work with] I am more than willing to support her efforts.

One suggestion though, can you post the auctual CE courses seperate from the non ce, ie, home shows, realtor show stuff etc.
It’s tough for an old guy like me :wink: to wade thru all the non ce stuff to find the good stuff.

Todd… 275 mi from Tucson???
Are you going to Flagstaff or Yuma on the way there ? :wink:

thanks dan


I was loking at the course outline and it doesn’t seem like there is enough actual training. There seems to be only a couple of hours dedicated to the hands on tour. I don’t know about it yet, it seems pricy for what may turn out to be only a couple hours of hands on training. I would be swayed if it was a multi-day course. If you have more details though, please enlighten me.


If you would like to get a License to do WDI inspections in AZ you should come on by. If you want to eat BBQ and talk to fellow HI’s that’s fine too.:smiley: **

From my knowledge on previous inspect a houses, its not intended to be actual class room training. It’s [as of 2 PM today apx 50 ] new and experienced inspectors, split up in groups of 8 or 10 performing the inspection all at the same time on different areas / stations of the home, usually 10-15 min per area, for 2 or so hrs and then everybody gets together, during and after lunch, another 2 or 3 hrs, to discuss their findings , ie: properly identify the defect, why it should be corrected, how they would write it up to assure it gets corrected by the builder along with experienced guys sharing their experiences on how to deal with the builders, how to get these inspections, ligitation experiences in general and most likely including defects identified on this house, and hearing the perspective of the local Bld. inspector.

Heck if it wasn’t in Wickenberg, and it wasn’t so expensive (why?) and it was’t a new construction phase inspection (Not offered by Dwelling Doctors, ea$ier looking for termite$), and it was’t on a weekend, I might consider it.
But if you want to ride around in my Jeep this weekend Dan I’ll be in Sedona.:wink:

Considering the cost to market this or any seminar, food, cost to likely pay $s to access the home, 6 -8 hours of hands on experience, if you miss one item by not knowing what others that attend will know, it’s really not that expensive.
[heck even a plind pig can find an acorn sometimes] :wink:

Construction phase this one is, if your doing new home warranty inspections or newer homes where the builder has up to 10 years liability ,there are potentially 100s of items that will play a factor in them that most would not properly identify without this hands on experience.

Heck take your jeep to the horse trails and farm fields in Wickenburg first and get some horse and cow pies on it before going to Sedona:p :stuck_out_tongue:

Question for you Dan…I notice that the CEU requirments for HI’s in your state say that a course that is approved in another state can be acceptable for credit in your state…so if a course already has CEU credits in lets say Texas…by reading the statute is your state saying it will accept a course approved by another state to be acceptable for credits.

Just asking because thats the way i read it…in the R30 247 statute…any thoughts?

No CEU’s required in AZ at all Paul, kinda like stinkin badges. :smiley:
And stuff from Texas dosen’t travel west very well.

lol…so with that said…who cares if it has CEU credits behind it…good learnin is good learnin

Excellent…so I am not sure why education classes don’t fill upfaster in them southern states…any idea?

So you will be here at the end of the month Paul.

[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]NACHI Certified Education is coming to:[/FONT]

Phoenix, AZ** - March 30th, 2007 - NEW DATE!**
]( Inspections for Home Inspectors - Instructor, Paul Abernathy, Master Electrician

Yep…looks like hopefully we will be out your way very soon.

Also when we GET out your way the electrical course will be a totally revamped and new one with more graphics and color slides and…oh it will be a GOOD OLE’ time…as we say it in Virginia

Last day for early bird pricing

I spoke with Valerie at NACHI yesterday and she indicated that only five people had signed up for Pauls course. That is too bad cause I was gonna bite the bullet and join NACHI as well as attend Pauls course. Is it still on??