Attached mother in law suite means of egress

Inspected a home today with an attached mother in law suite.

The mother in law suite has one entry door from the back porch. Once through this door you can hang a left and walk down stairs or a right and go into the main house through a porch door.

So essentially one door/means of egress for the mother in law suite.

Having a hard time determining if this is not code (if two are required) and if it should even be mentioned in the report

appreciate any input


thank you!

Properly sized and accessible if I may add.

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R311.2 At least one egress door shall be provided for each dwelling unit. …

Code only requires one egress door.


In reality your mother-in-law’s health and age will play apart in her ability to use the minimum code compliant egress requirements. Have good fire extinguishers, smoke and CO detectors, if needed and have her do trial runs with different scenarios. If she has a grease fire does she know where the fire extinguisher is? Can she open the windows and remove the screen and physically climb out?