Attchements on PDF File

I attached some files from yesterdays inspection to my clients home inspection report. The customer was trying to pull the attachments up and it was bringing him back to the beginning of the report. Is this a glitch? I was trying to do it this way, instead of emailing multiple files.

Did you try viewing it from the Dashboard and get the same results?

Just read on the bottom doesn’t work with PDF. I an going to email him individual copies. All is good :smiley:

Right. It only works in the browser. I recommend to my clients that they read the report in a browser.

If you use HG Services, you can upload PDF files along side of the report, so they can view, download, or print them as needed.

Perfect for 4 point or 1802’s, or whatever you what to manually upload.


I use a merge app to merge the report and PDF’s into one doc

Is this an app or is there a website?