Attention all home Inspectors

This is a good idea to be careful what you say on your inspection ,

You could be recorded .

If you’re looking to buy a home, remember: these walls have ears. Withcameras and microphones just about everywhere now, real estate agents arewarning potential buyers to be careful what they say when at an open house orviewing. Recently there have been cases of sellers listening in towhat’s being said]( There’s no evidence they took advantage of theinformation, but you can imagine a scenario where a seller overhears someonesaying they would be willing to pay more than the asking price.

Just like on this MB, I will never censor my comments while discussing details while in a home. My clients pay me very well for my opinions, and I intend to provide them with what they hired me for. I have nothing to be concerned about. I speak the truth as I see it, and to hell with anyone that can’t handle it or takes it out of context. Any unethical scumbag sellers/agents/others will just have to answer to higher authorities if they decide to pull any crap!
IMO, if you can’t speak openly and freely all the time, then your ethics are questionable and you should leave this industry immediately!

Well, I have to admit I tend to mutter. I remember being warned once by the buyers agent that the sellers had cameras and mics in the house, and after voicing my frustration with one thing or another out loud, figured I needed to apologize to the homeowner. :oops:

And don’t forget, Alexa records everything…

End every inspections as you go out the door with…


Good one lol

Alexa, schedule home inspection for the house we are moving to with…

Great post Roy. Reminds me of the saying, “Little pictures have big ears.”

Totally agree! :):stuck_out_tongue: