Attention All Home Inspectors

As member of Nachi, I feel privileged to share this great opportunity with all Home Inspectors.

How many have heard of deregulation? I became a consultant with Ambit Energy located in Dallas, Tx. I live in Pennsylvania. I wanted to pursue my career in Home Inspections, but I found that with cost of insurance, I would have to look at an alternative way to make money. I also want to purchase tools and many other items associated with doing Home Inspections. I signed up as a consultant with Ambit and have began to generate extra Income. We all know what the housing market is like out there.

I will continue persuing my Home Inspector as well.

Please view the links below, because when you do, I know that If you are business minded like me, you will see this.

You also will be helping a fellow Home Inspector and Yourself achieve Financial Freedom.

Thanks for looking.

Altenative ways to make money and save money.


What do you mean by SPAM?

Yep spam

yep spam

It’s not SPAM. If you had any sense you would look at the links. I would I waste my time sending SPAM! I think I’m smarter than that.

Pyramid scheme.

yep…looked at the link didn’t ya
. It is a first time poster, MAYBE he does not realize

The guy has no website for home inspection and his first post is selling something.

I won’t waste my time talking to people who are blind! I thought as YOU guys were Home Inspectors looking to improve your life, but I guess I was wrong. You have nothing better to do than post negative comments. It’s not a pyramid scheme either. I am getting PAID by saving people money on their electricity.
And you know what’s worse than being blind? Have sight but no vision.

I will leave the light on for you guys who can’t see a opportunity of a lifetime :slight_smile:

I not selling anything. Did you click on the link?

Yes, I did, and you are selling something. :roll:

Do you not know what SPAMis?

Another MLM. I would have thought you would have more brains than to start your message board “career” trying to win friends and not start trolling like a bottom feeder. As a person involved in a MLM I have never and will never push any MLM on this site. Why? Because as a home inspector, I respect this association the site and the members on the site enough not to push other things I am involved in.

Gee Rodney. Mary Kay Cosmetics or Amway didn’t work out for you…:roll:

Then why do you abide by this the Code Of Ethics?

Direct Selling Association’s

Ambit Energy a Scam or a Great Opportunity?

The Ambit Energy Scam

If you were a friend I would encourage you to seek a third alternative.

Strange how the post number is the same #5 on every response.

Energy surveys are free from most engineering firms, utility companies, and many HVAC people for residential dwellings. Some states have laws on the differences of energy audits, surveys, etc.

Caution must be had by all, and Ben Gromicko, when offering these ancillary services.