Attention CAHPI and OAHI... you have free booths at NACHI's upcoming convention.

We’ll have booths for you if you want them. No charge. If you don’t want them let us know as other vendors want to get in.

I sure hope they take you up on your Generous offfer.
This could be a great thing to bring all Canadian Home inspectors together .
Thanks for doing this NICK it proves again what a good group NACHI and its members are .
Roy Cooke.

Looks like Inspection Support Service Inc (that Canadian company that is not Inspection Support Network) - got dropped out of the mix. Seems that we are facing an identity crisis with that mixup. Any chance of taking that free booth? Another company (3D Inspections) has offered to work with us.

Unfortunately, a conflict arose in my schedule, and I will be in New Orleans with Habitat as a team leader on a build with my college. I can always video conference live from the down there. Oh well - perhaps wishfull thinking.

Claude, did we mix up companies again? Sorry. What is the correct name?

Claude, I figured it out and fixed you up.

Thanks - much appreciated!

BTW Claude… me thinks ya got the best booth in the house.