Attention Canadians

This is just a few more of the fantastic things NACHI does for all NACHI members.

These disks are great I have never seen another association do any thing like this for their members and FREE TO

These Books are great and every one loves them .
They are USA directed but the information put in one place for a Dollar .
You can not print them for this amount .
I am almost used up my first order of 200

These are comming and I was one of the first to put in an order cost $3;00
I just do not know how NACHi can do all it does and so helpfull

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI Member

Just went threw the thermal imaging presentation.
Very Very Good!

Roy, I am just starting in the inspection business and was hoping to get only a dozen or so books to start. Perhaps yourself or someone else could sell me that many. I only have a few inspections under my belt at this time and can’t afford or use 100 at this time.
Thanks Aulden

What and where is this thermal imaging info you are talking about Vern?