Attention Dave Bottoms

I have reposted this from another post as it does seem like the CAHPI/OAHI members have been told about the NACHI offer.
I saw Dave on the NACH BB this morning

Just maybe it was not seen . Roy Cooke .

Re: who are these people ?
Originally Posted by gromicko
Roy, invite them for me. If they need me to call them I will.

Attention Dave Bottoms I see you are visiting us again .
You do such a great job of transferring much information from the NACHI site and telling many all about NACHI that I am sure you will now show that NACHI is for all Inspectors all the Time .

This is part of a letter I sent to Mike Guihan President of CAHPI after a
phone call I had with had to him last Month .

" Hy Mike Great to talk to you .
Just to confirm what I said on the Phone earlier this evening CAHPI
can have one booth 10 by 10 No charge up to $800.00.
If by chance you required more then the cost of course would be added
for the difference .

We also would like to offer all CAHPI members across Canada and their
spouses to attend the NACHI 2007 Conference at the same price as
NACHI members.

Sorry I gave you the wrong dates it is May 17th and 18th 2007
Our web site is not quite finished yet but here is the start of our
2007 convention web site with much information from our 2006
Most will be the same with a few new vendors and some old ones have
changed a bit .
Great to talk to you again been a few years .
Hope to hear from You .
Your Center Ontario Buddy… Roy Cooke [EMAIL=“”]Roycooke@[EMAIL=“”] "

Pro Lab is opening up a lab in Canada…
Please note this web site is far from finished and much information will be changed.
We have used part of last years web site just to get started .
.Please stay tuned more information to be posted as it becomes available .
Roy Cooke .