ATTENTION Home Inspectors In NJ

If your home inspection schedule isn’t full check out


nj infrared home inspection

I am googled with results!


NO ONE is searching for “nj infrared home inspection”

I also ran a ranking report on your website (see image below). No one can find your site for ANY keywords that people are actualy searching for! is being found by people searching for home inspectors in NJ like you! You can either work with me or one of your competitors will. Your choice.

He’s right Peter, you better send the SPAMMER some money for his mis-information campaign.:stuck_out_tongue:

Linas… at least he posted in the proper MB section… classifieds.

Mis-information? I understand Chicago Liberals named Linas are easily confused by facts and logic.

Fact #1 No one is searching for “nj infrared home inspection” and people ARE searching for “home inspectors in nj”. You can verify this information by using the Google Adwords keyword tool. Albeit that this keyword tool does not provide very accurate information it does give us insight into what people are actually searching for! Sometimes Google does show no results for keywords that actually do get searched. I use another method to verify that and “nj infrared home inspection” does not have any search volume.

Fact #2 If you had a tool that allowed you to pull the ranking information of a website for specific keyword phrases you will see that Peter’s website is indeed not found in the top 100 results for any keywords that people are searching for. You can do this manually by searching for any of the listed keyword phrases and search for Peter’s website.

Fact #3 I do have a website that is highly optimized and is ranking in the top 3 for “home inspectors in nj”. This website is getting traffic, that could be generating money for a home inspector in NJ right NOW! You’ll see that as of today this site has had 200 UNIQUE VISITORS this month. A few of them were most likely home inspectors, but the majority are people that are looking to hire a home inspector in NJ. That’s not too shabby for a website that was built 1 May 2011! It will do even better next month. Look at the web stats from our less than 1 month old website below.

I was a home inspector and interNACHI member until this year when I decided to do internet marketing for local businesses full time. I compared the positives and the negatives of both and this was the logical business decision for me.

As a home inspector I got scammed when I was newbie by companies selling all sorts of advertising including internet advertising. Since no one else could give me results, I decided to educate myself and do all my own internet marketing and got very good at it in the process.

After deciding to do internet marketing full time , I needed to look at what I wanted as a local business owner/home inspector.

  1. RESULTS- I build highly optimized websites and get them ranked on the top of Google and attract highly targeted visitors. So when someone advertises they are getting instant results! This is much better than paying $25 - $30 a month for a template site, and doing all the work yourself only to realize you are getting nowhere. This also much better than paying several hundred dollars a year for copycat website that has the same content as 1000 other sites and will never get ranked, get visitors or generate any income for you.
  2. **EXCLUSIVITY- **I will not create any other websites or do SEO work for any one who is competing against your company in the same geographic area.
  3. ONLY ONE COMPANY PER SITE- When people are searching the internet you are already competing with other businesses. If a prospect opens a directory site you are competing all over again. You want people to call YOU not your your competition. Doing my own, non-scientific, research I found that almost everyone I talked to leaves directory sites and are looking for an actual business website. They want to know about the company that is going to be doing the work. If all they can find are directories and online phone book results, they will try another search term. Do your own research, see what you come up with.
  4. TRANSPARENCY- You want everyone to think that the site is yours. The sites I build are fully customizable and will brand your business. I will not put any crappy links saying “website by” or any other nonsense.
  5. CUSTOMIZED- The sites I build can be customized to your liking as long as what you want will not interfere with search engine rankings. The “about page” will have your company information. The “sample report” page will have YOUR sample report. The contact page will have your company info. If you want to change the content that’s fine too, however we will still need to maintain specific SEO criteria. The header image will be yours, the color scheme will match your header, the side bar will have a brief bio about you and your contact info. Etc.
  6. **ANONYMITY- **I will not broadcast the fact that you are my client. You shouldn’t waste your time receiving calls from people who are thinking about using my services. I do have some clients that have volunteered to be references if need be.

I do provide a quality service that you can NOT find anywhere else. Think about this. You saw that there were 200 unique visitors, if you had been advertising on this site and turned only 5 of those visitors into paying customers and your average inspection fee was $350, you would have picked up $1750 in home inspection revenue this month. Your ROI could have been 435%. That would be a smart business decision, wouldn’t it?

I provide a service that helps businesses, that’s it.

Aren’t you being a bit hypocritical Linas? If interNACHI didn’t want outsiders to post here, they wouldn’t approve my posts. What you are doing in the image below is considered SPAM by Google! These are part of the Google Places GUIDELINES and specifically the portions that you are violating in this particular Google Places page.

In my previous post I forgot to add that:

NO CONTRACTS & NO LONG TERM COMMITMENTS are required. If you don’t love the service I provide you can quit any time.

Below are the results one of my home inspectors got this past week from one of my websites. The phone number is a tracking number for that site and the e-mails are from the request form on that site.