Attention members and vendors. Let us sell your stuff at our Every-Tuesday Auction.

I’m planning on holding an auction on this message board every Tuesday where we will auction off any product or service. The reserve bid and 1/2 the money above and beyond the reserve bid will go to the seller. Anything left will go to InterNACHI’s scholarship fund.

Much of the stuff will be inspection related, but we are not limited to that. We’ll auction off anything.

We’ll probably do something where each item will be open to bid on, all day (so that you don’t feel pressured to be here to bid at a certain time).

Because of licensing requirements, the auction will not be open to the general public, only members.

If you are interested in selling anything, tell us about it.

How should a person contact you to sell an item… phone, email…?

Tuesday during the day?

Go ahead and auction off a year worth of website hosting. Value: $300.