Attention North Ga. inspectors...

I have to go to Hospital again on Monday, if anyone wants any inspections I can’t do, send you contact info to me at so I can tell my wife to refer them to you. Last chance, I will not ask anymore, I will just keep referring them to a local Ashi inspector. No strings, you don’t have to mention my name or offer thanks or anything. The choice is yours.


Sorry to hear you are needing to go to the hospital :frowning: How long will you be out of commission?

I would be glad to take your referrals/leads.

Please call or send them to

Ray T.

I don’t have a clue yet, I will send any to you. Thanks

Sorry to hear about the hospital visit. If you have any southside referrals I’m your man.


You need to supply me with your contact info before Monday. Thanks