Attention Northern California Members

I would like to look into starting a local chapter for us. I would like to see is there any other inspectors out here in Ca. that would be interested in helping with this task? If so please email me or post a reply and let’s see what we can do.


Keep in mind that although there are thousands of InterNachi Members, there may only be a couple of hundred that visit the MB regularly. You may try contacting Nick to see if he can send out an email blast for you.

Or maybe someone else may have an idea to assist you…


Thanks Jeff…may have too? last I checked there are only 537 members in CA…give it a few days or week and then go from there was my take.

I’m probably at least 150 miles from the nearest iNACHI inspector.

Ralph… your are correct:mrgreen:



Ralph, you’re 150 miles from the nearest home inspection!!:p:p

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Actually the nice thing is 80% of my inspections are within 15 miles of my house. I could get on my roof and see at least 10 houses I’ve inspected.

Beautiful country isn’t it. I don’t mind driving 50 miles to the occasional inspection out of the city.

Ive tried several times to revamp the chapter here and no response.

Kinda looks that way… Guess that means the part of having to attend a local chapter meeting in the membership wont apply???

I drove 6-1/2 hrs one way… how dedicated are you???:twisted::smiley:

I am just starting in the home inspection field. Currently a General Contractor. I don’t know how much I could help , but am interested.

Invite all the local agents. They won’t come, but the invite showing YOU as the local inspector association President is a great marketing piece.

Do it Mr. President.

What happened to the chapter that had been formed a number of years ago in the Sacramento area. I attended a couple of meetings here in Chico did it just fade away?