Attention Realtor's !

Hey Real Estate Professionals you cannot afford to pass up this oppertunity. I have picked you out of 3 other guys in my area and for a small fee I will put you on my preferred real estate professionals list.

I will let all my customers know you do not recommend inspectors purely on the fact that they will pay you to be in your flyers and that you actually recommend them on their supreme ability and awesome reports.

Act now as spots are filling fast. Just Paypal me $500.00 and I will put you on the list tonight.

Don’t let potential clients miss out on your awesome selling skills by not signing up. Just imagine the amount of clients you could sign up by being on my preferred real estate professionals list. Act now. Hurry and send your money before your competition does and then they will sell all the houses in your area and you will likely have to go on welfare and unemployment. Don’t let it happen to you send your $500 by PayPal to meeker@comcast to get on this amazing list right away.

HAHAHA…Classic Mike. I actually just got another one of those calls last week.:wink:


I get them every day. I am just going to start calling every office around. HecK I got nothing better to do till I can walk. I do not see how it is even legal the crap they pull. Next one that calls I’ll tell sure they can just take $20 out of every job they get me :slight_smile: