Attention struggling home inspectors:

Don’t think that just because some home inspector became successful not by working smart, but by working long hours… that you can also become successful not by working smart, but by merely working long hours. There are some successful home inspectors in our industry who succeeded without advanced marketing and business success tools. However, it’s getting harder and harder to do it the hard way (without utilizing all the competitive advantages InterNACHI provides). Those home inspectors who say “all you have to do is good inspections and you’ll eventually succeed” are suffering from what we call survivorship bias.


Good words of wisdom


Remember, it isn’t the guy that invents the best mousetrap that wins. It is the guy who successfully markets the crap out of a mediocre mousetrap that wins.

I’d like to think that approach would not succeed in our industry over the long term.

As for Nicks statement.
I agree, you have to work smart AND work hard, particularly when starting out.

Performing well as a home inspector is a great goal.
Making your business perform well as a home inspector is another great goal.

If you assume that either of these goals are automatically granted to you, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

I was trying to point out that “Hope and Change” is not a strategy. Hope is an excuse for lack of action. You are right, there are no gaurantees and nothing is granted to you. You have to work at it.

Yet, there is ample proof it does. :frowning:

Right after Vietnam, I started college and for 2 yrs sold life / hospital insurance at night, weekends, etc. COLD CALLING was a way of life.

My Office Mngr drilled into my head over & over … FEW people bite the 1st time you pitch them, SO figure out how many “NO’s” you gotta have to get a YES.

Then plan your day / week / month around how many YES’s you want AND get out there and get the NO’s out of the way so you can HIT your GOAL.