Attention Virginia Home Inspectors - mandatory licensing is coming

I agree 100% !! The day is coming when Realtors can have nothing to do with the inspection process. I cant believe some of the public still take the advice of their agent when it comes to the Inspection. People need to realize all the Shenanigans that goes on with some agents and inspectors.


Correct, James.

I still cannot understand why REA and state REA associations want licensing of HI’s. I guess they cannot figure out for themselves who is a good HI, and who is not. They must not have the qualifications, education, or work ethic to decide who is a good HI, and who is not. Apparently they cannot do it for themselves. Sad for them. It is their reputation that is on the line; not ours.

It is the REA office brokers who should set the standards high for each office for any HI or tradesperson. But they want licensing of HI’s so that HI’s can do basic reports legally.

And the REA’s and the NAR wonders why home sales are down. Any member of the NAR must provide the best services for their clients. Most all do not…

In 1999 or 2000 at a BoD meeting in Chicago of another inspector association a representative from NAR stopped by for what I can’t remember. After the meeting in the bar having drinks, the NAR person indicated they were gonna really start pushing hard for HI licensing ALL across the USA. When asked why, as memory serves me it went along the lines of … Anytime something goes south in a RE transaction involving inspections, etc, their group gets pulled in because of DEEP POCKETS.

Therefore their attorny’s had told them IF all of us were licensed and something went south, the REA’s could throw up their lil hands and say **“Oh lordy, I had no idea he / she was incompetent, the STATE said they were qualified gave him / her a license. HOW could lil ole me know any different”. **The REA’s felt this could help protect them from lawsuits.

About 3 years later one of my relatives who was President of a state Board of Realtors came back from a national NAR meeting and echoed the same type conversation. I was told that NAR had set up maybe 10-15 long term goals for themselves and getting us licensed was about half way thru that list … for the same reasons.

About 4 years ago, another one of my relatives in another state was President of the home builders association AND a licensed REA. I was told that the state BoR had a sub-committee under their legislative committee set up for the purpose of getting us licensed … … for the same reasons mentioned above.

About 5 years ago at a state legislative hearing in Missouri regarding getting inspectors licensed, when asked WHY they were pushing it … the REA’s lobbyist stated in front of 5 or 6 of us the same BASIC reason / LOWERING the Realtors liability AND if they could get mandatory E&O insurance included it could help protect the REA’s and sellers by providing another DEEP POCKET.

SO please never / ever fool yourself and think its about protecting the public. The public is JUST the REA’s excuse to control/hose another profession NOT their own.

Bubba-milk just wanted to chime in, if ya please.

Many realtors suck, most of us know dat. They should fix all of their own incompetent bulshtt first.

As far as licensing, Bubba sees it BOFF ways, got milk?
Here in Michigan, there’s a lot of negligenet dumb azz bullshtt that goes on. Many, NOT all, home inspectors here are fkd up, most certaintly on my damn subject.

So, something needs to be done, NOT that a license means a fkg thing!
Basement waterproofing/foundation repair mfrs that DO have a license doesn’t at all mean they know/understand their fkg job.

Doesn’t at all mean homeowners are being protected from these ckksukkkers just because some have a g dang license because its friggin obvious homeowners are being repeatedly lied to/screwed over by many of these nitwits.!!!

Folly dat up wiff… how it is that ‘we’ (contractors) need to be licensed BUTT, HI’s and some others do not. WTF is that?

A fkd up home inspector/home inspection can hurt a homeowner just like a dumb azz licensed or unlicensed contractor can… got dat? Got milk?

Hmmm, let’s see, what else is bothering me… the better business bureau bothers my azz… suckie, negligent, money hungry lil-biiiatches who are NOT ‘protecting’, ‘overseeing’ wtf they should be, not in this business.

Same goes for Angie’s List and the other lil-same type biiiatches, its the SAME type of bulsshttt.

Ok, bye bye now.

And in TX it’s the opposite. Go figure…

I’ve had contractors licenses in cities where all I had to do was pay $75 to $100 and state what kind of contractor license I wanted.

In states where there is NO state wide licensing for home builders, contractors, plumbers, electricians, remodelers, hvac contractors AND there are NO state wide mandatory building codes, mandatory code inspections, etc, etc …

Its absolutely DUMB and SIMPLY done for limiting REA’ liability to want to license home inspectors.

AND for the 3rd party vendors that benefit from mandatory licensing of HI’s.

Nothing more, Nothing less.