Attic Access

Here is the attic access located in the garage of this home. It measures 23"
X 32" and is easily accessible. The garage door was close to it, but did not interfere with the access. I would consider this acceptable.

However, the drywall installation is a different story…

Yep be real careful or it is coming down .

Is this the home’s attic access?

It probably is. :slight_smile:

doesn’t look like You’ll need the hatch much longer…

Looks like unfinished new construction.

William …

So is there a point to your post OR a question in there?

The door opener is in the way, but how picky should one get? In my area, the attic access is called a Attic Scuttle. Mine is in the garage also. So it doesn’t need insulation on the backside. Non heated area. I do see the drywall is installed with the seams un taped and not mudded, but this is what the big builders are doing to save $. I have built new homes since 2005, and always finished the garages complete. I even painted them.

I think one of Nick’s puppies shiit in the living room again.